Revolutionary War

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I like the project a lot.  I really think it will be really fun.  Knowing what happened before us.  What they did.  How they treated people.  What land they took from the Native Americans.  What time they took it from them.  Who is the king and queen.  This is one of my favorite stuff to learn about.

Please leave a comment and where your from.


  1. Daniel (Guest)
    Hi my name is Daniel, and I am from Franklin. I also like the Revolutionary War, and study the wars of the United States, such as the Civil War, Revolutionary War, and the Mexican American War. I think that you will really like to study about the Civil War, if you like the Revolutionary War, because there was two very good leaders during each war. If you have time, you could go check out my google site and article(s), here is the link
  2. morepork dominik (Mrs B's Class)
    i my name is dominik and i want to be in the war

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