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In my opinion to be a good teacher you have let kids have a voice.  In my opinion to be a bad teacher you don’t give students a voice and yell at us if we talked once.  Teachers should never do kid points teacher points.  You have to have a great attitude.  You give us challenges.  You are nice to everybody in the classroom.  You give us some free time.  You help us out if we need help.  You make school really fun.

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  1. Shelley Andros (Guest)
    Interested in what you would do with free time in school? Are you thinking about hands-on-projects, free reading, tech time, or other? Happy Summer!
  2. John Wick (Guest)
    Hello Michael,

    I love your attitude about your willingness to be challenged. Never let that go. A good teacher will challenge you and support you at the same time. We grow most when we are challenged.

    -John Wick
    Principal, Christ Cathedral Academy
    Diocese of Orange, Garden Grove California
  3. Mrs W. (Guest)
    What does “kid points teacher points” mean?

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