What I Did this Weekend

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This weekend I played basketball outside.  Read a lot.  Watch baseball on TV on Friday.  Saturday I played basketball and baseball outside.  Watched the NBA playoffs.  Read a lot.  Ate ice cream from Mensches.  Sunday I got knee pads for basketball and got a baseball sticker book and got baseball stickers.  All the eggs we found had money inside.  Got a little bit of candy.  I went to Milwaukee,Wisconsin.  I got to hang out with my cousins.  When I got back I bounced on the trampoline.  I hang out with my friends.  Watched basketball playoffs on TV.  Read a little.  Monday I read and watched TV.  I went to baseball practice and bounce on trampoline.

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  1. Jacob (Ms. Plowman's Class)
    u ate ice cream yum
  2. amy alayo (Guest)
    i did alot this weeken they buy me a dog shes soo cute you should buy one see cya

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