What I recommened and what you recommened

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I recommend is reading Three Times Lucky.  It is a book about a girl who got adopted and lives with Miss.Lana.  Another book that I recommend is The Lightning Thief.  It is a great book because it is about a kid who is a half-blood which means he is half human half god.  He lives with his step dad and his mom.  His dad is the god of the sea.  If anybody has book recommendations please leave them in the comments.  Can you please describe what the book is please.  Please read this.  Please leave a comment and where your from.


  1. Jaden from @MrsHallidays4th (Guest)
    Hi Michael!

    I read The Lightning Thief. That’s a good book! I’ve read the whole series and really liked it! A book I would recommend to you is in another series called The Heroes of Olympus. The first book is called The Lost Hero. It is about this boy from a roman camp: Half Blood. He lost his memory and he is trying to save a god from a trap. Its very exciting. To find out if he saves the god or not, you should really read this book.
    Have a good summer!
  2. Emily (Guest)
    Thanks for the recommendations! I recommend “Matilda” by Roald Dahl. It is about a girl who discovers her inner power. She is very resourceful and funny. Enjoy!
  3. DaVinci Middle School Students (Guest)

    Here are the results of the poll about books to recommend fifth graders!
  4. Carol (Guest)
    Try http://www.dogobooks.com/programs/summer-reading-2014…these are book reviews by kids and they have publisher giveaways as well as a contest for your school to win books.
  5. Ciana's awesome blog
    great blog!!!!!! Thank you for the recommendations
  6. Gabby (Ms. Northington's Class 12-13)
    Really good!

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