just like the start of school.

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well sorry my followers but but this blog is for ms.ghoul. and sorry if I spelled your name wrong. but I wold like you you to meet me so lets get to the point.        Hi I’m Logan DA EPIC. but you can call me Logan.  i have a dog named Indie. he is a shihtzu /poodle mix. I love computer games especially minecraft. if you want tips on the game look at my later blog. I work best in a class with free time and kids that won’t put me down. I am the strong silent type and am super scared to talk in front of big crowds. that’s me Logan DA EPIC


  1. Owen (Ms. Karabinas' Class)
    I am scared to speak in front of big crowds too.
  2. Mackenzie (Silverspring5/6)
    do you get butterfly’s when you’re in front of crowds because i do.

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