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i phones do they bring us together or tear us apart? I say both. they let you to meet new people. but if you never meet them in person are they really your friend? as much as I hate to say it look up. look up from your tv video games and computer. go out into the real word. that’s where the possibility are endless. look up play outside don’t play minecraft, roblox wii u. stop reading this blog post and play out side.


  1. Unique C. (Guest)
    Well Logan I kinda agree with you. Kids do too much things on there Iphones theses days. I think I think that the Iphones give away too much information about us kids. Kids should go outside for 60 minutes a day to be active. From Unique at Heritage Middle School in 7th grade, Liberty, Mo.
  2. Ms. Storrie (Guest)
    I’m heading outside right now. We had a terrible winter in Chicago, and it is a beautiful, sunny day here today. I’m not going to waste it staring at my phone :)

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