minecraft tips pc only pc=computer editoin

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here are just some tips and cheats on minecraft

#1 if you put a pumpkin on your head and look at an enderman it won’t kill you

#2 to get a command block you type /give player 137 1 where I have typed player type your username

#3 if any monster finds and puts on armor it won’t burn in daylight

#4 full diamond armor and diamond sword does NOT make you invincible so don’t take risks by the lave

#5 you can’t craft chain armor you get int from monsters

#6 to change game mode type in /gamemode 1 for creative 0 for survival and 3 for hardcore

#7 you might not be abel to use these in a server


  1. Ben (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear logan,

    For my birthday I am getting a minecraft account.I really want to play pixelmon!I play Minecraft for the I Pad and the Xbox 360 but I have a question about the pocket edition,How do you go to the nether in creative?


    Here is a link to my blog,
  2. Gabe (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Great tips but don’t you thing you should make Tips for minecraft on other consoles
  3. Peyton (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Logan,

    Wow those are really helpful! How did you learn all of this stuff? Ca you make more of these blogs?

  4. Nolan (Ms. Karabinas' Class)
    Do you know any cheats? That would be fun to use.
  5. osa (Guest)
    Hey im in fifth grade I am not trying to hurt your fellings or anything but practiaclly everyone knows that talk about fighting gasts and blooifs.
  6. Ben (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)

    Could you start making tips for the pocket edition?

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