rules to live by

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sometimes I think rules are stupid. other times i think there smart. but most of all there there to protect you. hear are some of my funny/serious rules to live by.

#1 never ask dad if you can play minecraft wile hes watching football and his team is losing. (it could be fatal.)

#2 never stick a key in an electrical outlet. as far as I know it could burn through your skin.

#3 now this one is important never give out your personal info. that one is very serious

#4 when the badgers lose the final four like they did this year don’t ask dad “did we win?”

#5 don’t ask mom what are taxes?

#6 never search ggggggg its very inappropriate.

#7  never search lol although its funny its also scary and weird.

I’m LOGAN DA EPIC and these are my rules to live by               :D


  1. Ryan (Mr. Toelle's Class 2013)
    Why would you stick a key into an electric outlet?!?!?!?!
  2. luke the magician (Mrs B's Class)
    they are funny and only one serious
  3. Justin M (Miss Salie's Class)
    Ha ha that’s funny how could you think of those rules I would only be able to think of 3 rules.
  4. Bianca (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Those are really good rules but what does number six mean.
  5. Gracie (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Logan,
    That i9s funny.

    From: Gracie
  6. Courtinee (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Logan,
    what does rule 6 mean? Numbers 1 and 4 are very funny.
  7. ms g's class (Guest)
    Your blog entry is hysterical! We really enjoyed reading it and having a good laugh. Have you learned what taxes are yet? Your rule about taxes had us talking about what they are! You were right! Don’t ask your mom at the wrong time, especially in April.
  8. Courtney (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear logan 1 and 4 was so funny that would not be my rules

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