A Different Year

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Fifth Grade, overall, has done the most for me. This year I have learned and improved the most in all subjects, including participation. In the previous years, I have just skimmed the surface of learning. I knew that having such a unique teacher like Mrs. Ripp would definitely spark my creativity, but it did more than that. Mrs. Ripp has more than prepared me for Middle School- making this a very, different year. 

Fifth grade has done wonders for me. My organization has improved enormously, so my homework is always on time. A skill that will definitely be necessary to survive Middle School. And organization is fabulous for keeping track of items. Fifth Grade has also improved my independence. In Fourth Grade, I really relied on others to do things for me. Now, I have to remind myself to do my homework, to blog, to get to appointments. I have to know when its cold lunch, or when assingments are do. I have to pack myself a snack. I have to remember to bring my gym shoes. In Middle School, independence will definitely be a skill that is needed. Without independence, where would you get in life?

Cooperation. Cooperation is something I never really worked on until this year. Group projects and team-building exercises that Mrs.Ripp has us do are great for in Middle School when you have to do group assignments, and just work together daily like in Chemistry with lab groups, and in math! Every day in math you have to work in a team. Cooperation skills don’t just prepare you for 6th Grade, they prepare you for life! Arguments won’t get you anything more than a lost job. IF you don’t work together, will you only have one person doing the project? Is that fair? The answer is no. To Cooperate, you also need to be able to rely on each other. That’s why team-building exercises are such great ideas.  Building trust and honesty is a needed thing. Fifth Grade has also taught me to rely on others and trust them. You need others, they need you!

Thanks for reading what fifth grade has done for me, and prepared me for! Comment below what else I might need for middle school. And make sure to add where you are from!

-Sydney the Superstar




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  1. Logan (Guest)
    That was an AMAZING comment, you made it look and sound like you were a professional writer! A lot of those things are very true and you do need all of those skills! I am from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Well, have a great day and I hope that I read a lot more AMAZING posts like that!!

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