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I have read multiple books in my life.  Tens, hundreds, thousands.  But some books stand out. One book in particular. And that book has passages. But not all passages are extremely unique… However, this one is! I am going to share my favorite paragraph from The Hunger Games #1 by Suzanne Collins.

With the Capital growing farther away every second, I begin to think of home. Of Prim and my mother. Of Gale. I excuse myself to change out of my dress in to a plain shirt and pants. As I slowly, thoroughly wash the makeup from my face and put my hair into its braid, I began transforming back into myself. Katniss Everdeen. A girl who lives in the Seam. Hunts in the woods. Trades in the Hob. I stare in the mirror and try to remember who I am and who I am not. I am not under the Capitals control. I am not a victor nor a star-crossed lover. I am myself. Katniss Everdeen. I am the girl on fire.

The reason I chose this paragraph was because I feel that it means something. Something deep. Something true and pure, coming from Katniss’s heart. It also fits with the theme of rebellion. Katniss is trying to remember who she really is; not the capitols puppet, not just a girl from the Seam. She is someone special to be remembered. Someone who cannot be controlled. Mainly she is trying to remember that she doesn’t have a place with the velvet couches and prime steaks and glass ceilings. She is not one of the capitols pawns. Or puppets. Whatever you want to call it. Katniss is simply herself. I feel like this paragraph says “rebel” all over, and that’s what I love. Man VS Society is one of my favorite themes. Overall, my favorite thing about this paragraph is the simplicity and the truth. Katniss needs to remember who she really is. The girl on fire.

Thank you for reading! Please comment below what YOUR favorite passage from a book is- and WHY!!! Please add where you are from so we can put it on our classroom map!


-Sydney the Superstar

(A.K.A. Farewell!)





  1. Quarterback (The Braman Bunch - 5th Graders from Kentwood, MI)
    Cool I never read the book but the paragraph that you put in your writing made me want to though
  2. SLP (Guest)
    Hey SS – I haven’t read hunger games (or seen the movies either) — I really don’t know why except that sometimes you have to be ready for the book and I guess I am not, YET! You asked for favorite passages and I gave that some thought because I don’t think I have every remembered one like you mentioned in your post.

    Generally when I read, it is the overall story, the page turning suspense or need to continue until I don’t want to put it down until I’ve finished. But then, I always was a reader — Books that moved me are “The Castle in the Attic” by Winthrop and the sequel “Battle for the Castle”, Patricia Wrede wrote a great series starting with “Dealing with Dragons” and 3 more to follow; and I enjoyed the Charlie Bones series so I guess I would say I like fantasy, magic, heroes and heroines plus ordinary people that do extraordinary things in their life. And I would admit that I enjoyed the first Harry Potter books but not so much the last 2 books.

    But after your post, I think I will pay more attention to “passages” that catch my emotions and leave an impression, again, you have inspired me to be a better consumer of the written word. From Mrs. P in Topeka, KS

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