What Are We Missing?

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Fifth grade has done so much for me, but there are still some things that I think we should do in our classroom. We cover a variety of different topics, and are always as busy as ever, but I feel like there are some things that will indeed come in handy. First, I think we should do more teambuilding exercises. Games where you have to work together and trust each other. Trust games are always a great idea, because in Middle School, trusting each other may be a huge skill that we need to have mastered. Next, in our classroom, we should do more Jeopardy games! They are a fun way to sneak in learning. We should definitely do more games like *Jeopardy* that sneak in learning but are a huge amount of awesomeness and secure a great time. I think at the end of the year we should do a big project about why fifth grade was memorable. Because fifth grade really, truly, was memorable. And what better way to end the year than a big project? In our class, we need more *crafts* I think, but that’s really my personality. We shouldn’t have any more huge stressful Social Studies projects, and large writing projects might not be good, but maybe a time to create anything you want in writing? You can give choices, like Sci-Fi, RF, HF, or FAN. Many kids want to expand their writing, but don’t really get the chance because of limits and just assignments. I think that would be a great “end of the year” reward, almost, because theirs no specific genre or length. It really helps share creativity.

Rewards are totally against Mrs. Ripp’s belief, but what if we did have rewards? What if we did have a goal? I think we should have an overall goal for something, then at the end of the year if we meet our goal, we get a reward. Simple as that. It would be a great end of the year challenge- and reward. It should have something to do with teamwork.

Thank you for reading! Comment below where you are from!

-Sydney the Superstar


  1. Kim (Guest)
    I agree… My favorite team building game is the human knot. I just met your teacher and she seems like she would be a fun teacher and let you try a few games!
  2. Jaden E (Miss Salie's Class)
    Hi I’m jaden .That is really thrilling ! We play jeopardy too ,
    We also play a game called silent bell .basicly you Thow a ball to a player but not to the person next to you . I also love team work . I play drums , what school do you go to ?

    From jaden A E
  3. SLP (Guest)
    Well done on reflection, I try to recall the year of my interactions with teachers and think of ways to improve. I like the rewards thought but understand Mrs. Ripp’s belief, should rewards drive our behavior? Something to think about, maybe a balance : ) Keep writing forever, you have a talent. Mrs. P. Topeka, KS PS Actually going to showcase your blog (and Mrs. Ripp’s classroom blog) with our teachers way to go SuperStar

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