Why School?

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I think that while school can be not enjoyable, it is necessary in life. We go to school for more reasons than just the law. School is definitely worth our time, although it may not seem so. School back in the 1700′s was based on discipline, which we can all agree is not a fun thing to learn, but a necessity. But these days school is more than just discipline. We learn communication, behavior, math, creativity, how to stay healthy, and so much more. When you grow up, there are so many things you need to know. But without school, you wouldn’t know these things. Responsibility. Organization. Independence. Trust. And even basic things like cooking. Cleaning. Sewing. Sending emails! Memorization! You learn something new every day, but sometimes you may not realize it. You learn tiny things that may not come in handy until much later. In math, adding fractions. In gym, pacing yourself. Studying for a test. Making friends. In Art, gluing things together! Small things do make a difference. In the modern age, I think that learning has become more student-based and less focused on discipline, which is great. Kids complain about homework and tests, when really, we have it easy. Other kids don’t do gym class, or music, or hands-on experiments, or presentations, or even have access to computers! There are kids in the world who wish they had the chance to go to school, to learn, to interact with each other. So remember that you are lucky to have such an experience. Think of the people in Africa, Asia, South America… Even in the USA that don’t have access to schooling. Think of them before you complain again.

Thank you for reading! Comment below why YOU think school is necessary or not necessary. Everyone has a right to their opinion. And make sure to add where you are from so we can map it in our classroom.

-Sydney The Superstar


  1. Emily (Guest)
    You bring up some great points in your essay! I love the tiny things you mention. There is so much more to school than just the main subjects, and I think people forget that. Thanks for reminding us all!

    I think school is necessary because it gives you choices in life. The more you learn, the more choices you have in life. And don’t we all love getting to make our own decisions?!

    Great essay! From a teacher and mom in Central Illinois.
  2. Trevor craft (Guest)
    I like the comparing school now days to the old days.
  3. Amanda (Guest)
    Hi Sydney! I’m Amanda, an 8th grader from Franklin, Wisconsin. I loved your blog post! I liked how you compared school now to what school was like back then. I also liked how you listed examples about why school was helpful. I think school is helpful because it gets us prepared for the real world. If you want you can check out my blog, here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/p6emg36. Thanks! Nice job on your blog!

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