5 things I would want from a book are…

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Hello bloggers today my class and I were supposed to do an assignment on things we wish were real but aren’t from books. I read a lot of realistic fiction and in those were nothing I wish existed or anything that did not exist. Ive thought a lot about this and even talked to my sister but I could not name a book title or thing . Although, from a few games I’ve played on my phone one game Subway Surfers one thing I wish that ¬†existed from that games is the hover board. If this actually existed I would use it every day to get to school faster than my bus, go to the park, and race my friends. Hey if you could have one item from a book you have read what would it be or if you could take something out of a video game you played what would it be? Leave a comment and tell me your answer for either one. Blog you later!!! ( ;

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  1. Miss Williams (Guest)
    Hi Nisa,
    There are so many different things I could choose…. I used to read Enid Blyton’s adventures of a faraway tree when I was in primary school, I would have loved one of those in the field behind my garden so I could go off and have adventures. Maybe a wardrobe to take me to Narnia? Although maybe after they had got rid of the Snow Queen. I’d love a broomstick from the Harry Potter books, it would make it quicker to get to places by flying over the hills near my house instead of having to stick to the roads. I’d quite like one of my cats to be able to talk to me, it fascinates me what they’re thinking sometimes or what they’d say if they could actually speak English.
    There’s a hover board in the Back to the Future films, they looked pretty cool! Is there something you’d like out of a film you’ve watched? Lots of films are based on books.
    Miss Williams
    Class 11, Hopwood C P School, England

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