The Life Rules I Live By

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Hello bloggers today I want to talk about rules I live by . But before I do do you think you have some rules? ┬áMost of us have rules that we didn’t particularly make up but we do them every day. So I have 5 of rules that I follow every day and hre they are…

#1. Dont say ANYTHING that you wouldn’t want people to hear.

#2. I hate it when people chew and talk with their food in their mouths so I make sure I never do that.

#3. I always try something different and I don’thave to do it again.

#4. I follow my cultural heritage.

#5. My last rule my Granna gave me “give to the world as you would like to receive from the world.

Alright bloggers tell me what rules you made up by leaving a comment!

Blog ya later!!! :-D


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  1. Hunter S (Miss Salie's Class)
    I like those rules because those are rules that you might want to use sometimes.

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