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A teachers’ basic job is to tell people what to do and yell at people if they aren’t doing it. But there are ways to do this good and bad. Good things teachers can do are respect kids and don’t treat them like 5 year olds. Other things are know their boundaries. Like, you can’t  keeps kids in for recess over and over again because those kids will get hyper and it will get worse. Also most good teachers do a lot of hands-on/interactive lessons so it is fun and kids want to learn. What do you think are good things in a teacher? A bad thing are when the class is lining up to go somewhere teachers wait for everybody to be perfectly silent and in a strait line which takes like 5 minutes wasting time for the next thing. What do you think some bad things in a teacher are?


PS: If you comment say where you are from.


  1. Aby N (Tarlton 7th Hour 2013)
    I think you are right teachers do need to respect their students. They can do that by listening to them when ANYTHING is happening! We don’t have that problem at Piedmont Intermiediate. One time my math teacher said 1 student was upset because he felt he wasn’t being respected by her. She had every single student that had her as a math teacher (250-300 students) take a survey on what she is doing wrong and what she is doing right and to see how see can fix her mistakes. If you have a problem with a teacher talk to them it will really help! – Aby N Piedmont Intermiediate
  2. amy alayo (Guest)
    we all gatta respect just beacuse you are an adult dosent mean you dont gatta stpo respecting
  3. Michael
    That was a really good post Jack.

    From, Michael

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