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Teachers do…

Categories: Blog May 5, 2014 @ 8:01 PM 2 Comments      

I don’t know what teachers do all day I am not a teacher. Good teachers make learning interesting and fun. Bad teachers talk, talk, talk all day. I don’t like it when teachers yell, it doesn’t help anyone. A teacher should never just give an assignment without giving directions.


  1. Cole (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Emmy,
    I do not like it when they yell ether but sometimes they have to yell to get are attenchon when we are loud.

    From, Cole
  2. Courtney (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Emmy, Your right but when they yell at the whole class there is to much and trying to calm you down and yea they don’t need to give you an assignment without directions but teachers just do there job when your not around.

    Sincerly, Courtney

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