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Wonder is a book  that I have currently have been reading it’s a book about this boy who starts middle school and has a deformed face.So Mr.Tushman asks 3 kids to be his friend for a while and there is Jack {will} , Julian and Charlotte .  Jack is just your average kid , he has seen august be fore so he doesn’t want to do it but eventually  likes him.

Via augusts sister loves m a lot and he’s sick finds out more than nessasaery .

Summer Augusts new friend was not  to by mr.tush man but just like hi personality .

August the main character of it all during the story  will have totally different a motions.Will he make it threw middle school, Will he make new friends ,Will there be drama , Watch it unfold in WONDER.

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  1. Jenna M. - Nebraska (Mrs. Geldes 2014)
    I read the book to. I think it is a really good book. And it one the golden sower competition!

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