Innovation Day!!!

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30 May

Innovation Day was so fun!!! My partner was Mackenzie and we made a poster on Sea World Aquariums and a replica on an aquarium with sea creatures in it. It turned out so cool! What I liked about the day was that I got to create something that I have never learned before! I actually have never been to Sea World before so it felt like I actually was at Sea World! The reason why Mackenzie and I wanted to create a project on Sea World Aquariums and the living creatures, was because we thought it was going to be cool, we both love animals, and when Mackenzie and I get older we want to go to the same collage together and study to be Marine Biologist. What I would have changed if I could do it again is probably think if we could actually put water in the tank we brought because when we poured the water into the tank, the sand soaked up the water and made holes. I think every once and a while we should have Innovation Day but not everyday because we wouldn’t be learning the things the we will need for life and other things.

Please comment where you are from and if you have ever done Innovation Day before!

Sincerely, Ella

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