What We See in Teachers

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7 May

Teachers have a very important job! They teach you things that you will need in life to be successful, but they also teach you how to go on with your life and make you to become better a person. They motive you and challenge you! So you should be thankful to have teachers to motivate and challenge you! What makes a teacher good is that they always have to have respect to the students, be kind, and challenge the students. Also let the students make it their classroom, like Mrs. Ripp my teacher does! What makes a bad teacher is scolding the students for unnecessary things! Also, making the student(s) feel unwelcome to the classroom. I think Mrs. Ripp does a great job of motivating and challenging us, creating us to be great people/citizens, respecting us, being kind, making us feel welcome to our class room, and not yelling at us. Usually when I’m at school sometimes I’m board! But this year it was super fun and nothing was boring (maybe sometimes), Mrs. Ripp made things fun and interesting!! Mrs. Ripp does her job really well and she is a great person!!

Please comment where you are from!

Sincerely, Ella


  1. MrsRipp
    you know why I get to be fun and have fun with you guys? It is because you are such an amazing class. It is going to be weird to not be your teacher anymore/\.
    Mrs. Ripp
    • Ella
      Mrs. Ripp,
      It’s going to be supper sad that you won’t be my teacher anymore! Every grade I’ve been in you are the greatest teacher!!!!!
      Love, Ella
  2. Rhianna (Guest)
    Hi Ella,

    My name is Rhianna and I am studying to be come a teacher at Fredonia State University. I really enjoyed reading your blog post about what a teacher should and should not be. I always try to motivate my students and make them feel like they are an important part of the classroom community. I like how you said that teachers should let the students “make it their classroom.” That is a wonderful idea, and I will definitely take that into consideration when I have my own classroom someday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

    • Ella
      Hey Rhianna!
      That’s so great that your studying to become a teacher! Thanks for the very nice comment! What grade are you studying to become or what grade do you want to teach? Good luck with your studying!! :)
  3. Scott (Guest)
    Hi Ella,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about what a teacher should be. I think you did a great job explaining why you feel teachers should do certain things, and not do other things. I really liked how you mentioned that bad teachers do not make students feel welcome in the classroom. It is so important for teachers to make students feel comfortable in the classroom so that students can focus on learning, instead of their uncomfortable feelings.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I enjoyed reading your post.

    • Ella
      Thanks for commenting and liking my thoughts! :)
  4. Mrs W. (Guest)
    I teach 2nd grade in Orono, ME, USA. Your post about your teacher, Mrs. Ripp is delightful. She sounds like someone I would like to work with.
    • Ella
      Mrs W.,
      Thanks for commenting!

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