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In Social studies, we are studying the Revolutionary War. Now, when I heard that we were studying this, I thought “UGH!” in my head. But, after a few lessons, I really got into it. When people thing of history, they think of boring paintings. But, history is WAY more than that! The thing I think that was interesting about the Revolutionary War is that people fought up close. The were no missiles or snipers back then so the two sides (Patriots and Regulars) had to fight really close. If you don’t know what a Regular is, it is a British soldier. The one fact many people get wrong is that only the ENGLISH colonies were involved in the war. Sure, the French came in to help, but many people think it is the entire continent of America against Britain. These facts I never knew before, so it is a great subject to have in Social Studies. Keep it up, Mrs. Ripp!



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In Social Studies, we are studying the Revolutionary War.  Most people have a very inaccurate idea of the Revolutionary War. I thought that the whole continent of North America was involved. But, now I know that it wasn’t. This is probably my favorite thing to learn about. Things were so different in the 1700′s. I love everything you are doing, Mrs. Ripp! I am learning so much! The Revolutionary War is the first time that all 13 colonies united, and fought the Regulars (the British troops).

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Many people ask this question to kids. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” a parent asks. Such a simple question, yet it is so important to your life. What do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be a computer programmer. Computers are getting really popular. After all, it is the Information Age. So, when computers become even more important, I want to be there, programming new games for new platforms. Programming is the best way to unleash your creativity. You can make anything. You can make a game, a management app, or just a really cool looking pyramid. Even though programming is time-consuming, it is very fun. The pay for a programming job isn’t super good, but if you really put your mind to it, you might have a chance of becoming the next Bill Gates.

Programming is hard. You have to train, learn, train. But, once you get to a level where you can make amazing things, programming is very fun.



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In 5th grade, we have done so many things. But, there are more things to do! We need to do more Friday events (Friday huddle etc). We also need to have a “book-in” where we spend a whole day reading. We need to have a Genius Hour that lasts a week. So, that means that we can make whatever we want, but we get a week to do it. We have done so many projects, but a project with NO limitations of what you can do would be nice. You would still have to do an educational presentation, but it could be about ANYTHING! (school appropriate, of course!). If we could do these things, I would be so happy.


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What exactly has 5th grade done for me? Well, it has made me more organized. It has made me more mature. But, that’s not all. 5th grade is really that grade when you really start to do complicated projects. I feel that in the earlier grades, they jut teach you and they don’t give you anything to do outside of school. Now, in 5th grade, we get to do fun projects on a variety of subjects. But, what does this have to do to me? Well, it made me understand that school isn’t just about learning subjects, but instead it’s about learning how to apply your knowledge. With all the projects that we are doing in 5th grade, I think that I know really well how to properly use my knowledge in the world. It doesn’t matter how much you know, as long as you know how to apply that knowledge in real life. I think that this is the most valuable thing I learned in 5th grade.

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