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I haven’t seen you in forever! The 10 years between we last met and now have been jam-packed with events. When I was 19, I founded Crystal Institutes, a company that designs and develops games.  I have been working there for almost a year already. Business has been great. We have made over 1 billion dollars! I can’t believe we were such a great success.

But, would’ve never founded Crystal without your help I learned so much. I never thought I would have gotten this far without you! I went to college at Harvard University, and I got a degree in Computer Science. I think that your teaching really helped me get through college. I was planning Crystal for a while with some of my friends who were also getting degrees in CS. We were saving up for a building forever it seemed. I lived in Massachusetts up until now. But, let me get out of my amazing story, and tell you other things.

The main reason you helped me is.. well, I can’t really say. You helped me lead deep reading conversations, you helped me write beautiful stories, you helped me organize my stuff. You helped me just grow! I have grown in the past 10 years. Middle school and high school wouldn’t have gotten me into Harvard without your help! You helped me get the life I have today


Your former student Zach

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In out class, we did something called Innovation Day. It’s basically where you get to make anything you want. How did my project go, you may ask? Well, it was good, but I definetely oveestimated what I couldv’e done in a day. I ran into sso many difficulties along the way, that my end project was nowhere near where I though it would be. I tried and tried y best, I worked the full 5 hours that I had, but still, the end result was only a sliver of what I hoped. My lesson for next time is to always choose a cool project that you know you can finish,  not a super-cool project that you can’t finish.


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Computers are all around us. In this modern world, computers are present in almost every major building. But, are they the marvelous invention they seem to be?

Kids these days are spending more time online then ever. They seem to be having “fun” with their “friends”. But, chances are, they don’t even know how their “friends” are. In the online world, if two people meet in a game, they can play together as if they were best buds. This is not how friendship was meant to be. You are supposed to make eye-to-eye contact with your friends. Because, if you don’t,  in a few centuries or less, people may not make eye-to-eye contact at all. This is not the way that we were made to go. We were meant to play real games with our friends and not sit inside all day on our XBoxes playing with our so-called “friends”.

Get outside, and play!


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Hello guys! I am Zach, and for this week’s blog, I will be giving you guys a few book recommendations. For the sake of simplicity, I will divide the recommendations into genres. So, first  off, I will start with my favorite genre; sci-fi.


Divergent: MUST READ! Very mature though. I would not recommend it to anyone under 5th grade.

Maze Runner: Also very mature, but there is a *SPOILER*awesome twist*SPOILER* at the end


Woods Runner: I just started this book, but it is so well written that I just had to share it here. A great book about how the Revolutionary War affected people in the 13 colonies.


Flora & Ulysses: Amazing story about a girl and a squirrel.

I’m sorry that I don’t have more, but these books are the only ones that really stood out to me. You can recommend historical fiction, sci-fi, realistic fiction,  or fantasy books to me in the comments!



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Many of us know what teachers do. They teach kids a range of stuff. But, just because a teacher teaches well doesn’t mean that the teacher is a good teacher!

In my opinion, a good teacher needs to have three very important qualities. First of all, a teacher needs to be able to put situations into a student’s perspective. A teacher should be able to think “How would a student react to kid/teacher points?” or “Would my class enjoy this project?”  or think similar thoughts. Sometimes, just putting something into a student’s eyes is the best way to solve it. Second, a teacher should be able to think ahead. You can’t plan a project if you don’t have enough time to do the project! A teacher should be able to think ahead and make a plan about what they will do each day in advance. Lastly, but certainly not least, a teacher should always ask “Why?”. Sometimes, teachers just assume that a student is not behaving without thinking about the condition. What if the student is having troubles at home so the student can’t get that homework assignment done. Or, what if the student is having a headache, so he can’t focus on his book. My one piece of advice is “Never assume a student is willingly misbehaving.”

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Post any Minecraft questions and I will answer them in my new weekly Saturday blog posts!

Until we pass again,