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Innovation day was pretty fun. The day went by a lot faster than I thought it would. If I could have changed something I would have spent more time on my model. I did a model heart out of model magic and facts about the heart. I also wish I could have gotten more facts. I don’t think that every day should be innovation day because then we wouldn’t learn anything and it was a little stressful to get the project done and I wouldn’t want that every day. For any kid who is going to do innovation day I have some tips for you. Number one if you don’t know what your going to do think about anything you passionate about and do that. Make sure you spend enough time on your model. Also have fun and be innovative.

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I believe that technology is horrible thing. I t takes over and it does isolate from the outside world. Now you have to have the latest game on your phone but when my parents were kids all they needed were other kids to play. It’s horrible to think what  it’s turned into like they said in the video we’re slaves to the technology we mastered. I think that is entirely true. The only thing we get out of technology is communication. Yet we use are phones and devices for so much more. I see my little cousins asking hteir parents for their iPad and I wonder if they can be entertained any other way. What do you think about technology.

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I have a lot of great books that I have read and so it will be hard for me to pick a couple. I think that a great book for a 5th to 6th grade level would be Legend by Marie Lu. It is one of those books you just get sucked into. You kind of have to like sci-fi to like it. It has a bunch of twists and their isn’t a whole bunch of romance but just enough. Another good book that I am reading right now is the Testing. I am only a little ways in but so far it is pretty good.  It may be a little confusing at first but then you just have to read more and it makes more sense.What books to you recommend? Please leave a comment and a book title.

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I think that a teacher is one of thew most important jobs in the world. They are the ones that give you your education. Without education you can’t get a better job. Teacher are one of the biggest effect on how the next will learn and how smart they are. I think what makes a good teacher is that they have to be nice but not to nice to take advantage of. They can’y be very strict other wise the other students won’t want to learn. Teachers should always try to be interactive with the students. They need to have hands on projects. Something that teachers should never do is the opposite of hands on projects. What I am trying to say is that if you don’t do hands on projects your students get less involved. That doesn’t mean that you should always do them cause a lot of anything gets boring.

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I think that art can help you express yourself and colors are a huge part of that. My favorite color is green. Most people think of green as if you were sick. I think of green as if it were nature so almost as if it flows like a breeze. My second favorite color is blue. I think of blue as kind of sad and down. My third favorite color is yellow. Yellow to me is if you were really happy maybe a little to happy. Don’t think that you can just use color in art you can use it in writing. For example, I am felling yellow today. What’s your favorite color and what is your interpretation of it. Please leave a comment and where your from.

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