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I guess I feel fine about this project. I mean it isn’t my favorite time period since we study it so much. I guess we don’t pay much attention to the Revolutionary war is because there is so many wars. I have learned quite a bite since we have started this. I like how Mrs.Ripp gave us such a broad topic. Then we can pick are own topic after we narrow in. What is your favorite time period.  Mine is probably not the renaissance time but around there. Please leave a comment and where your from.

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I haven’t really thought about what I want to be when I grow up but have a few things in mind. One thing I want to be is a homicide detective.  I don’t really know why crime and law just kind of interests me. If not a detective some kind of federal agent. If I were either of those I would want to be out in the field with all the action.  Another choice is a judge. I like making decisions not bossing people around but at least being in control. Another is probably is a chef or baker. I like making food and also eating it and seeing what could make it better. We took this career test for guidance class and for some reason my top match job was a butcher. I don’t know why I don’t really like to touch raw meat. It’s all slimy and cold. Please tell me what you want to be or are and leave a comment.

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5th grade has done a lot for me. One thing 5th grade has done for me is taught me to actually like reading a lot more than I used. It has also taught me a lot about organization. Another thing that 5th grade has done for me is helped me with making presentations. I think that that is a huge skill and I’m glad that I learned this skill in 5th grade. I have also learned how to paraphrase a lot better than last year. For anyone who doesn’t know what paraphrasing is where you read something for a report and put it into your own words. It has also taught me how to give myself a voice in my classroom. 5th grade has done a lot for me and I hope it keeps doing more stuff for me. Please leave a comment and where your from.

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5th grade has done a lot for me. In math it has taught me a lot new stuff such as dividing fractions, operations by pulling it apart, random probablitiy, and a bunch of other stuff. In science I have learned about saturation and salutes. In social studies It has taught me organization and also taught me how to make presentations better. In reading I learned cross character connections and how to understand the book better by going into the book deeper. In writing I have worked on not doing as many run on sentences and also how to organize my writing so I can write better. I am glad that my teacher has taught me all this.I hope to keep learning a lot. I also hope that Mrs.Ripp keeps pushing me.Thanks for reading my blog please comment.


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I think that school is worth your time because I think that  it is the best way to learn. It’s not necessary because you can be home schooled. The teacher are special taught to teach you unlike your parent who may be a good teacher but is proabably not as good as a regular teacher. I think that the purpose of school today is so that we can learn and our parents can go to work so that they can feed us and keep a roof over your head. I think that we should learn the things we ask because that you best for us as far as learning so we should listen to you. Even if it is something really boring if you say we have to learn then we probably should.I didn’t know that is was the law to go to school but I’m glad it is because it is very important to learn because if you have no education you have nothing. I don’t think that you need every thing you learn in school most of it but not every single thing we learn. I could be wrong but this is my opinion. Pleas leave a comment and where your from.

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