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  1. Categories: Blog April 19, 2014 @ 4:19 PM 0 Comments      

    Hello everyone and today since school is almost over I would like to share how I thought of the 5th grade. I think the 5th grade was really fun and exiting because I can blog, do challenges and get to be with an awesome teacher. I really did have fun and got to see what its like to be the top dog.  6th  is the next grade I will be in and I will be the lowest level in the school. But I hope that I make new friends and have as much fun as I did in 5th grade. I am wondering what new friends I might make. I am really hoping to be liked and have a few friends. The only thing am worried about is being unwanted and be along in school but that is the only fear I have.  I hope you are exited for the next grade and I wonder how you liked school. I hope your having a wonderful time in school as I am. I really will try to still blog when the year is done. Bye everyone and I hope you have a great time for Easter.(p.S if you comment please make sure that you tell me were you are on the map. thanks.)

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  2. Categories: Blog April 14, 2014 @ 7:33 AM 0 Comments      

    Hi everyone and today I will tell you how I feel about the Revolutionary War topic. I really like this topic and am learning so much every time I work with the topic.  Right now I am learning about the Boston Tea Party and here’s something interesting I learned. The 3 ships held 342 crates of tea.  I really think that we need to change……  nothing! I really like this topic and hope that if your learning about the Revolutionary War, you are learning new things as well. I wonder if you have interesting facts on the Revolutionary War. I hope you’re enjoying your last days of school. Bye and I hope you have a great time. (p.s. Don’t forget that if you comment, don’t forget to tell me where you are on the map. thanks)

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  3. Categories: Blog April 6, 2014 @ 8:47 PM 6 Comments      

    Hello everyone, I will tell you about what I would like do in the future. Well, I want to be a traveler to see the world so there are limited options for jobs. But there’s one job that sounds fun and it’s my dads job and hes a computer programmer. I’d love this job because I can work anywhere as long as there’s internet. It sounds simple because I get to make computer software and other things. Now I just want to tell you why I really want to explore in the first place. I want to explore because I want to see the world and know whats out there. I really want that to be my life and to also have a wife and 2 kids.

    I’m wondering if  my life will turn out the way I want it to be. I hope your enjoying the last days in school because SUMMER VACATION is coming. I hope you have a great time and your future is awesome to. Bye everyone and have a great time and I’m curious on what you want your future to be. (P.S. if you comment please tell me were you are on the map. Thanks.)

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  4. Categories: Blog March 24, 2014 @ 9:51 AM 0 Comments      

    Hello everyone and today I what to tell you what 5th grade is missing ( yes i’m serious). I think that I want to mix things together ( safely) to see what happens in Science because I always wanted to do that. I also want to have one Huge challenge where we need to make something as a class at the end of the year. I really think that we could have a lot of fun If we did that. We could learn teamwork, and how to work with each other. I really hope our teacher  tries to add it in so that we can do a really fun thing . I think that we could mix things in science so that we know what can dissolve into each other safely. I would love to have those 2 things in school and that would be fun because they both have to do with learning and teamwork. I wonder if there is anything you’d want to do in school. So tell me if you can. Happy spring break, yay! Bye everyone one and tell me were you are on the map, thanks!

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  5. Categories: Blog March 15, 2014 @ 6:54 PM 2 Comments      

    Hello everyone and today I’m going to tell you what 5th grade has done for me. 5th grade has taught me that I  need to be independent and more organized. I also loved how it taught me real fun things like science and solutions,how fun projects are, dividing and multiplying fractions and so much more. I really liked how they taught me the basics for middle school. 5th grade is maybe one of my favorite school years. I really enjoyed playing with my friends and playing fun games with them. I can’t wait until middle school and I will miss 5th grade. I hope that your year/school year goes well. Goodbye and let me know were you are on the map.

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