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    Dear Mrs. Ripp,

    Hi Mrs. Ripp and right now its been 10 years since I have been in your class and I wanted to tell you how I’ve been. Well first off I have graduated college because I took summer classes. I got my degree in helping kids with social skills. My dad also taught me computer programming and so i do that in my spare time.  So  right now I am going to Paris France because I decided that it would be a nice victory for passing college and because I haven’t found a job yet but soon will. I am so exited to be free and do what I want to do.

    Now I want to tell you how my life has been. Well first  my family is great so far. My brothers still in high school and I visit him often and I have been making some good friends and I have been spending time with my family. I really was exited to go to places like Africa. I have had a wonderful life.

    Now here is something I will always remember from 5th grade and that is all of the fun challenges and the fun projects and how you gave us a taste of freedom. I really loved all of that and I will remember that for a long time.

    I hope your life is awesome,Bruno


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    Hello everybody I’m back and today I want to tell you how I feel about innovation day. First off Innovation day is about thinking of a brand new idea and then creating it at school. I made a learning board game. I think that it was a wonderful day and I hope that we can do it more in the future. But if we want it every day I’m not so sure about that because I think that we would be tired and bored after awhile. Also I think that it would be boring after the first 3 times. But I really enjoyed innovation day and it was a way to be creative to the class. I can’t wait to do it again and it was fun. But as always I think if I had a time machine to go back I would probably get all of my stuff done before school ended. that’s because i couldn’t finish them at school but other than that it was cool. Bye and I hope you have a wonderful time for the end of the year. I really want to know what you think on innovation day.P.S if you comment please tell me were you are on the map. thanks.

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  3. Categories: Blog May 27, 2014 @ 7:48 AM 2 Comments      

    Hello everyone I’m back and today I want to tell you what I think of technology after watching Look Up. First off, I think that its both good and bad, hears why. The good part of technology is that you get to play fun video games. I also think that it helps us navigate where we are going and helps us to chat with family and friends across the globe. I think technology can help kids with special needs, like kids who can’t talk but with technology it helps kids talk to each other. It helps students look up things faster for homework.  The bad part about technology is that people use it in their cars and that’s bad and can cause an accident that can lead to death. Another reason is that we never go out to see people and stay cooped up and just play video games online. I wonder what your opinion is and why.My blogs are going to  end because the school year is almost over. :( Bye and I hope you have had a wonderful time this year. ( P.S if you comment please tell me were you are on the map, thanks.)

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  4. Categories: Blog May 12, 2014 @ 7:51 AM 2 Comments      

    Hello everyone and today I want to tell you 3 books I think you will love if you haven’t Already loved them. The first one is the Maze runner. Now I now the name sounds cruddy but its really awesome with a whole ton of action and is one of my top favorites. My second one is the Hunger Games not Catching  Fire because it have to much romance, but the first one is super awesome because it has secrets and action and also a bit of romance but not to much. My third one is Amulet book 5 because it has a lot of secrets revealed and has a big battle in the middle. I really can’t wait for the next book in the series. I wonder what your top 3 are and why. Bye and I hope you have a great time at the last weeks of school. I hope your doing well for this year. (P.S if you comment please tell me were you are on the map, thanks.

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    Hello everyone and right know I am going to tell you about the teachers and what they do when there not at school. First to get things started I think that teachers do any other normal thing like taking care of the kids or doing bills and not planning for world domination.  Now another thing is  what are the good and bad things about teachers. The good things are that they do fun activities and give you a great education and their all unique. The bad thing is that teachers tell you to read a specific book or have no freedom but my teacher gives us freedom under a huge (as she says it) umbrella topic. So I think that teachers should give their students more freedom and make boring topics turn into fun activities. Such as  having them write a persuasive essay or showing them videos about the topic. I hope all of you teachers follow this so that your students will be more exited to go to school. I really like school as long as you make it fun and have amazing projects.  Bye and I hope your having a wonderful time in the last month or so of school.( p.s if you comment please tell me were you are on the map, thanks.)

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