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I think that the new researching topic is fine and I’m leaning new things about my topic but a lot of things are repeated stuff I already learned or researched. Things I think we should change is that each group should have there own area because Leona’s group always wants the table that my group works at and is always saying my groups here first so I have to leave so i think that each group gets there own work space. Stuff I’m learning are things like George Washington lost 2 teeth on the Crossing and that he acted like normal soldiers but was commander, also he never was injured but his hat had a bullet hole in it.

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When I grow up I want to be a scientist or a wilderness explorer. I want to be a scientist because they create mixtures and cures as well as doing experiments. I also want to be a wilderness explorer because the outdoors and animals interests me and how they work. Another reason I want to be scientist is because they get to create new chemicals and mixtures for good and bad, also for wilderness explorer for the thrill of watching animals and how there life are different from other animals or just watching how majestic and peaceful.

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If I could chose something I would want to have a project like the how to presentation but with a partner about how something works. Also I would like just any presentation for us to do like a genius hour or something like that. I would also like if we could do another reading challenge to get a read-in as a prize. I hope we have random read times or more independent reading time. Last I would love if we did more author skypes with them about book we have recently read in class or out.

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5th grade has prepared me for 6th grade by Mrs. Ripp trying to push us hard because teachers in 6th grade more expectations since you have each teacher for 43 minutes. 5th grade has also expanded my reading power and intrest in diffrent genres of books and stuff I never knew about history. Finally, 5th grade has taught me how to sow( which can help me close holes in pants and make stuffed animals), add multiply divid and subtract fractions( can help me with jobs and splitting money and other things).

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I think that school is good but new technology is being made that makes different ways to learn the same stuff but in less time such as on line schools. Also new computer tests have the created the best way to see where students are in lessons. I think that elementary school should have where they take the map test then which ever subject they are weakest in they have more often then the ones there better at. I personally think that I learn better from visual things like screens of a computer or a experiment but sometimes its easier for some people to use textbooks which I feel have limited information.

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