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Dear Mrs, Ripp

       I’ll never forget you and all your challenges for us also the picture books and how you would give us as much power as you can to make it the best year ever. I’m working with Zach at Crystal its great you should come say hi sometime we would love it and I wouldn’t be here without you or Zach. You because you gave me the best 5th grade year and gave me great advice for writing and reading with deep thoughts. also, you would always push us but not too much so we still improve. Zach because of his lessons he gave me during the year at his house. To be honest half the time for the first lesson I was clueless. I have 5 cats sort of ridicules but hey I love cats and the newest one that’s only 2 months old I named Thea so I wouldn’t forget you and when she came in to class that one day. I missed all your challenges going though middle school and college.



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Anything I would change about innovation day would be to tell my mom to add a 60 watt light bulb to my materials for the day. I liked seeing other peoples at the end i also liked the smell when Jackson would use his drumlin. I think that there should be more than one innovation day in the school year but not everyday, because then there would be no learning so no point in school and it could cost a lot of money.


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I think that Tech is not good or bad it helps build and learn better but also can keep people from real life. It isolates us but could also bring us together from doing projects and connecting to the world and to learn things sometimes books can’t. The video Look Up really got me thinking is it really good or mostly bad? I belive its a 50 50 for reasons I just explained but, whats your opinion is tech good or bad or like me a 50 50.

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Some books that I read that I liked were the Septimus Heap series and the Companions Quartet series but I also liked Silver from Chris Brown. Now could you guys reading my blogs please leave some of your favorite books, and ill share more of mine.

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All teachers really do is be a supervisor giving directions then sending them off unless something happens then they have to get involved or just give directions or quiet them down. In my eyes what makes a teacher good or bad is their patience span, how much homework they give. how they explain things. and if they like to help, but dosen’t tolerate annoying people and just send them out into the hallway. Teachers should help kids and tell them to be quiet but teachers should always give 1 or 2 chances then kick them out of class or  send them to the principals office. They shouldn’t just say out to hall or principals for just doing one small annoying thing.

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