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It is a fascinating topic. I don’t think we should change  many things at all. In my group we are doing Boston Massacre, British Army, and American Army. It can get boring at most times because we just got got told what we had to do and then we had to research on that topic. I wish we could have done something like the genius hour where we choose something in the chapter that sounds interesting. If we could choose our partners (I am not saying my partners are bad) and our topic then it would be cool. My group and I are trying to make it as fun as possible but also becoming genius’s in our part. I like that we get to choose how we want to share our knowledge. That is fun. Thanks for reading!


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Book clubs. The book my book club read was One Came Home by Amy Timberlake. To be honest, I didn’t like it. My group didn’t like it. The ending was the worst. In the start of the book, a girl name Agtha dies. That is what everyone assumed. Except Georgie. An 11 year old who was not just a best friend to Agtha but a sister. Georgie get goes on a journey with one other person to find her sister. Did she find her? You have to read to find out. I don’t recommend the book though. It was a Newberry book and I totally disagree with it. I think that only half the book was necessary and the ending was just awful. I wan’t you to know that I don’t like this book but you might. It got confusing because in the beginning Georgie does a lot of flash backs. Like I said it was a Newberry but I don’t think it should have been! Happy reading!

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People say school is a job for kids. Some don’t. The only people who can tell if it is are the students. Other people ask what you want to be when you grow up. Big question! There are a lot of jobs so that makes it hard. When I was a little younger, for example 4th grade, I knew I was going to be a teacher! For sure! Then when I came into 5th grade, what we did was this Google for Doddle. We saw this video that inspired me and I knew that was the job that spoke out to me. Google. I signed up for this class for logos and such and I just just got interested in it. That was what I wanted to do.



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There are a few things that I wish we could learn in the last trimester of 5th grade! The first thing is in writing/reading. I want to learn more about Si-Fi. We have done mostly everything so far, but Si-Fi. I like how we went away from my favorite genera so I could do other books to learn about but I want to peruse Si-Fi or Fantasy.  In writing, I want to do things like what we just did which was action stories. I know that was like the only writing project that I liked for writing. The picture books were cool too, but I think the action stories let me put all my feelings into it so I felt good about writing that.  In resource time, maybe if we had like one day to just have a study hall so if we wanted to do blogging or spelling or the project, which is what ever it was based on (content, history, ect.). I like how social studies is going, the only thing I would want to do at the end is choose what we want to do out of the text book. Science is fine. This has been one of the best years of elementary!

(Please put where you  are from so I can put you on our class map. Thanks!)

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What has 5th grade done for me? To me it has done a lot. What I mean is it has helped me in my friendship and in all of my subjects. In writing, I have pushed to better everything. From spelling to just a basic story. It has grown for me so much this year. In social studies, my presentations have gotten better and better. Different strategies and different subjects that have engaged my experience with the past. I could go on and on about every single  subject but the one that has grown the most is reading. I read roughly 10 books last year and this year I am going to read 40+ books. That has been a big jump for sure. I am super excited about them all and 5th grade has helped me tremendously in my whole life.

That’s all I have for today!


(Part of that is because of my teacher Mrs. Ripp for pushing me so thank you to Mrs. Ripp and also I want to thank my friends for making this a fun year! Thanks for reading!)