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Dear Mrs. Ripp,

It has been ten years now since I was in your class! My name was Alli and I always thought you helped me through every year of middle school and high school. I really appreciated all of your help. I now have found a house and job! I remembered all the great times in 5th grade! How are you?

I am almost 22 and am a senior in collage. I go to the U.W.  and I am studying computers because I hope to work for Google. I still do dance and I am having so much fun! I got on dance team in high school and I had so much fun and it is got harder for sure!

What I have missed is coming into the class and ready to read a great read aloud and you being there to help me up when I fell down. I really liked the read aloud Rump and my favorite picture book was Paul Meets Bernadette! The one where Bernadette finds a object and uses her imagination to make it something else. I loved when you made boring fun. One reason I am in college is because of you and you really did help me with everything. Especilly reading! Thank you so much for everything!

Sincerely Your old student,


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I wish that everyday was Innovation Day. I think it would be cool if that it would be once a week or every other week because then you can be able to bring in stuff and get ideas. I like that we get to express our learning ideas and we get to learn what we want to. Innovation day was a day where we got to build anything we wanted to as long as we learned about something. It was a really fun day and I wish I got to do it again. My partner and I did the history of Fashion because we both love to design. I would have changed that we did something different to build because not a lot of people were as interested in it as we were. I had a really fun time though! I hope this blog inspires you to innovate something! Thanks!

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Technology. Does it really make a difference? Technology keeps getting bigger and bigger. I believe that technology is in our way to what our real life is like. Maps on phones are just the same thing as a map just that maps on phones make it so you can go to your home screen and play a game afterwords. Calenders on phones make it so you can put times in. My point is, technology is technology. Look up from your phone and get to the real thing that is happening.  In the video “Look Up” I think it really explains that if you don’t look up from your phone, your going to miss something important that will lead you to things that are unforgettable. So Look up from this blog and go out side and play with friends or go on a walk to the park with a sibling and meet someone new. What are you waiting for? Look up.

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I say this year is just like a book. The book I wish I could jump right back into and read again. It is the end of the year and I am getting ready for summer. One problem… I need new book recommendations! So this is your chance! If you have  book recommendations then PLEASE comment and say some good books you want me to read! But first, let me give YOU some recommendations! My all time favorite book is Pivot Point by Kasie West. If you say it is good then read the sequel to it called Split Second by Kasie West. They are both Si-Fi.  I am sad to say that there is only two books. Another recommendation is The Giver. It is sad but really good! Thanks for helping out!

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I believe that teachers are a good teacher when they are funny. It is nice to have a joke once in a while when you are tired or board. I think no teachers should be mean or strict because then 1 you don’t want to go to school, 2 you don’t work as well because they just lecture you, and 3 you feel pressured to do everything when you don’t want to do anything. That really are the two things I look in teachers or even substitutes because I want to know if I want them to come back or just how I might act that day. Of course I act nice to all of the teachers but the teachers can change my mood. I just can’t show it on the outside if they are doing something I don’t especially like. I hope that you will comment! Thanks!