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Dear Mrs Ripp,

My life is great. I will always remember how I won the pi contest and got to throw a pie in your face. No other teacher would have been so nice as to letting me throw a pie in their face. You always turned everything boring into something fun for us. When you make things more interesting  we learn more.  I remember the time where you threw a party at us out of nowhere because we have done so well in the school year. That was awesome. You have supported me, helped me and been very patient with me through the school year.  What I will remember most about you though was how you tried so hard to make everything fun for everybody and even if some people complained at least you tried your hardest. If somebody asked me to make a list of my top five favorite teachers you would be first on my list without any hesitation. I will miss you so much. I also think lots of 4th graders will be sad you are moving away because they all wanted you to go to middle school so they could have you as their teacher. I will never ever ever forget you. I loved you so much as my teacher and I hope the 7th graders will think you’re a good teacher too.




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I think Innovation day was fun, challenging and sometimes frustrating all at the same time. I had fun putting it all together but it was also frustrating trying to nail things into the wood.  Also it was challenging because we didn’t have the tools to make are projects so we had to figure something out.  There is always away to figure something out if you are stuck in a situation. If I could have another Innovation day I would try not to get as frustrated and work out the problems I had.  I would not want to have Innovation day everyday. First of all you would have to buy a lot of supplies and that would be a waste of money. second of all you wouldn’t learn everything you need to know. Last of all Innovation day was nice for a change but it would get boring doing it everyday. Another suggestion for an Innovation day sometime is you could make a whole class project. Comment back! Where are you from?



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I  think technology does not usually bring people together. It doesn’t  because you can’t just meet somebody you met over the internet that wouldn’t be safe. Instead you should be outside. If you are outside of the house not playing video games or playing on the computer you’ll probably notice things you’d never noticed before. Also how likely it is you might meet somebody that’s just walking past you  or sitting at the  table next to you at a restaurant. I mostly use technology for homework but once in a while  I might sit down and watch a little television. I think technology is both good and bad.  It is both good and bad because sometimes you need to use it for homework which is good  and sometimes  your eyes get glued to the screen which that isn’t good. comment back! Where are you from?



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There are many good books out there. Here are some of my favorite books!  Rump is one of my favorite books and I recommend it to anybody that really likes fantasy. It’s about a  boy who can spin straw into gold but every time he  spins he weaves himself deeper into a curse. Also another book I recommend is Cold case. It is a murder mystery about a boy who owns a cafe and one of his customers gets killed and his brother gets framed for it. My favorite genre’s of books are science fiction and fantasy. Do you have any recommendations for me? Comment back! Where are you from?



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During the day  when teachers are with you they teach you things, right? But that is not all teachers do. Teachers have homework just like kids. Such as grading tests and correcting homework.  Teachers have just as many responsibilities as kids if not more. One more added responsibility of a teacher is they have to figure out how to make things interesting and be a good teacher so students don’t get bored. Here is a list of what I think makes a good teacher.

  • Teaches what they are supposed to teach except in an interesting way.
  • make sure students don’t have trouble on something and if they do help them out.
  • Be kind and patient.

what do you think makes a good teacher? Comment back! Where are you from?




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