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Dear Mrs. Ripp, 


My  college  life at U.W. is great.   I made it through and school, thanks to you. I wish I was back in 5th grade. I thought of working  for my dad but I followed my dream.

I am now living in New Orleans, Louisiana and trying to get on the  Wildcats football team.  I am so exited to get my bachelors degree and graduate!  I have made new friends and my career is a accountant.

Thank you for a great fifth grade. How are you doing, are you still teaching? I wish I was still in fifth grade so I could see you and my past friends. 5th grade was one of my best years of my life, and middle school was to, thanks to you.



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Hi! This weeks blogging challenge is “You made it through Innovation Day and now I want to know your opinion.  What did you like about the day?  What would you change if you did it again?  Should every day be Innovation Day – why or why not?” I like making the project, but my volcano didn’t work. I used backing soda and vinegar and it didn’t work. I wouldn’t want innovation day to be every day because it would eventually get boring. I think that we should have it three times a school year. If you had innovation day would you want it every day or not? See you next time!, Colin

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Hi! This weeks blogging challenge is, “Does technology bring us together, does it isolate us?  How do you use technology?  Do you go out and play or do you stay in on your devices?  Is technology good or bad?” I think that technology is good and bad because people can get addicted to it. It can be good because you can Skype, blog,  and more.  Do you think its good or bad? Comment about it. 

See you next time!, 


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Hi! This weeks blog s about, “In your blog post please highlight a few favorite books from the past year and then ask for people to leave you ideas, we will compile individual lists for you to have before school is out.” My favorite books are the following:


Variant                                  Stranded                               Holes                                     Three times lucky


They  are all good books. My friend Logan says stranded is a great book and they are sailing in a boat and they get stranded on , that’s all I’m going say.  Variant is a great book, Benson Fisher is transferred to Maxfield  Academy  and there is a big twist. 

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Hi! This weeks blogging challenge is “What a makes a teacher good or bad?  What should all teachers do and what should they never do?”  What I think a makes a teacher bad is too much homework!  What i think is good about teachers is kindness and makes school fun. A teacher should always help there students with any problem or work. What do you think makes a perfect teacher? What do you think makes a bad teacher? Please comment! See you next time!,