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Dear Mrs. Ripp,

Fifth grade was the best.  I loved blogging and Skype calls with other classes.  My favorite thing in reading was reading.  My favorite thing in writing was the action stories.  My favorite thing in math was switching classes.  My favorite thing in s.s was the zombies.  My favorite thing in science was the chemicals.

I loved all the challenges that you gave us to do.  It was really fun and exciting.  I loved blogging because you would send out blogging challenges for us to do.  It let me tell the world what I thought.  The mystery Skype calls were fun because it was fun to figure out where they were from.

I am a professional baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers.  I play shortstop and I am a pretty good hitter.  It is really fun traveling around the country.  I have enjoyed this a lot.  It is cool seeing the big cities.

You are the best teacher ever Mrs.Ripp.  You were funny and made school fun for me.  I learned a lot from you.  I loved fifth grade because of you.  You are the best teacher ever.  Thank you.

From, Michael

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Innovation Day was really fun.  The only thing I would change is maybe having a second but that is really it.  I wish it could be for one month.  I wish that because after a while it would get really boring.  I would make lots of courts and fields and other stuff.  It is one of my favorite days ever in school.  At our school you get the whole day.  You should try it sometime.  You can make what ever you want.

Please leave a comment and where your from.

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I say that technology can bring people together and sometimes it can’t.  I think it depends on if you like technology and play it a lot or if you don’t play on it that much.  It depends on what you like better.  For me I don’t play video games that much.  I most of the time will not play video games.  My opinion is that it is better to not be on your phone all day and go have fun outside.  I want to know what you think.  Would you rather go outside or stay inside and watch TV.  I want to here your opinion.

Please leave a comment and where your from.

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I recommend is reading Three Times Lucky.  It is a book about a girl who got adopted and lives with Miss.Lana.  Another book that I recommend is The Lightning Thief.  It is a great book because it is about a kid who is a half-blood which means he is half human half god.  He lives with his step dad and his mom.  His dad is the god of the sea.  If anybody has book recommendations please leave them in the comments.  Can you please describe what the book is please.  Please read this.  Please leave a comment and where your from.


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In my opinion to be a good teacher you have let kids have a voice.  In my opinion to be a bad teacher you don’t give students a voice and yell at us if we talked once.  Teachers should never do kid points teacher points.  You have to have a great attitude.  You give us challenges.  You are nice to everybody in the classroom.  You give us some free time.  You help us out if we need help.  You make school really fun.

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