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at the very start of fifth grade I was super shy my three best friends had been put in other classrooms. then I realized it was going to be fun. with all the genius hours I began to fit in I Leaned who to avoid who to play with and who just hung around. with help from my two new friends Colin and charlie I now play in the big groups of kids. I have someone to talk to. and someone to play with. but that still leaves the question what will sixth grade be like all I can say is that its going to be very hard and sadly I won’t have my friends to help me through it. yes there will be no more blogs after this year I will be moving to a different school i will try my best trying to blog but it will be hard but that doesn’t mean I won’t try! so every once in a wile I’ll post another blog with minecraft tips but for now enjoy this dancing banana.







peanut butter jelly time

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what I would sort of want my future to be like. that’s a good one.  I really don’t know. I would kind of  like to be a video game designer. or build something to change the world. not like a new minecraft update where you can go to heaven. a robot that can help do chorus around the house. you know wash the windows. clean your room stuff like that.



no minecraft tip today just a minecraft fail

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what has fifth grade done for you? I don’t know about you but but this is what fifth grade has done for me.because of fifth I have two new friends. Colin and charlie. for once I want to saver 5 grade. I will be moving to a privet school next year. with no friends at all. that kind of stinks. bye. comments if you think my epic

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Why do we need school. I think we all know that we could all be home schooled. But that would decrease a lot of jobs. And we wouldn’t be just as educated as we are now. Plus when we would be going over every thing we suck at. So say you stink at math. You would go over math for about two hours. Then every thing else. So we could get rid off school but it would cause lots of problems.



Now here is a bones plants vs zombies 2 tip when I says don’t do something if you do it you lose and use time keys to unlock new worlds.

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now were did we leave off. oh yea. all the minecraft tips I know.

#1 for pc and pe to get  worlds you make it with a sertan name and seed so try this name: Utopia seed: nyan

#2 for pc and pe when you make a new world try this one out name your world Dysfunction make the seed Watergate

now for some minecraft fails