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for those of you who don’t know what innovation day is i’ll tell you right now. its a day when everyone has to build something for the entire day. with only two breaks lunch and recess. i’ll tell you what it was like. organised mess one thing here another there. we really needed some better organisation. we had almost everyone fighting for space. nathen had nails I had tacks and everyone stepped on them. well that’s all for now. new gifs coming soon

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i phones do they bring us together or tear us apart? I say both. they let you to meet new people. but if you never meet them in person are they really your friend? as much as I hate to say it look up. look up from your tv video games and computer. go out into the real word. that’s where the possibility are endless. look up play outside don’t play minecraft, roblox wii u. stop reading this blog post and play out side.

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hi Logan da epic here again this time for recommitting books not posting gifs. remember you can ask for certain types of gifs to. so here I am and here’s what im saying you should read thees really good books.

a great book with a twist ending once you start reading it you won’t be able to put it down.

its a very good book and is about more than digging holes. definitely worth reading.

this is a very good book. its worth reading there are 5 books in this graphic novel sires. don’t worry the sixth book is coming soon.

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