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Hello bloggers as you know I am in 5th grade.  You know it’s been 50-50 half what I expected Half what I didn’t expect.  I mean I thought it would all grade areportant last year we got to talk to 5th graders as 4th graders and they said a lot of stuff I didn’t expect such as blogging. Last year I didn’t even know what blogging was now I do it every week! Another thing myster skype now last year I knew what it was and I was exited but I didn’t understand how it would work but now it’s really fun and I enjoy it a lot. But this year I have a great teacher Mrs. Ripp. I think that Is very important because it depends on you and you teacher. While it was not what I expected it is a great year and can’t believe it’s almost over.

Alright bloggers leave me a comment about your awesome school year

Blog Ya Later!!!!!!!

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Hello bloggers today I want to tell you about all the stuff Mrs. Ripp has had us learn. I Feel that this project has been a challenge to me. I feel that I have a lot of info but I just remember random stuff and not all of it. It has been a really tough ride but I have good information and good people that I am in a group with and I know they will do their part too. Actually this project has given me an opportunity to steep out of comfy learning zone and I learned some cool stuff like…

  • Benjamin Franklin had no teeth!
  • The Revolutionary War  was not as big as a topic as thought of…
  • More than millions of people died.
  • In some cultures “war” is considered a bad word ( which is also what my mom tells me)

Alright bloggers it has come to the end of this blog post so tell me any cool facts you have on the Revolutionary War by leaving a comment.

Blog.  Ya.  Later!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Bloggers today I want to talk about my future plans, But the thing is that my so called “plans”  might not happen I mean of course we all have are thoughts  on our perfect job but our perfect job might not be the right job. But enough of that my dream job is to be an actress. For 3 reasons…

  1. They get paid a lot of money.
  2. They get to meet lots of people.
  3. Also they get lots of greater opportunities.

Alright bloggers tell me your dream job don’t forget to leave a comment!

See ya through the screen!!!!!!!


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Hello bloggers, as we move on to the end I have accomplished some things so far. I have accomplished…

  • Getting better at handing work in.  In the past I have had trouble getting my work in on time but I have gotten better  at handing work in especially spelling.
  • Becoming a stronger reader.  I have always been a strong reader but I believe I am an stronger reader than before. I have now gotten post it’s and group discussions and bookclubs!
  • Commas and close correction. In the beginning at blogging and reading  I  have not noticed my punctual mistakes but now I understand what I did wrong.

Alright bloggers tell me how you have grown during the school year?

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Hello bloggers I know its that topic that only some of us like this is the actual definition of school

An institution for educating children.
Any institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline.

But I am so-so so on liking school. To me your really there to learn more than anything else. I still wonder..

Why School….

I think this school pushes me harder which is a really good thing. When I first came to this school I was far behind the other kids I didn’t know how to multiply or divide! Now I get most of my work correct in math. But now we have online school and classes I think they are meant for people who don’t have time or transportation but I know that is not meant for me.

Alright bloggers let me know what you think.

Blog Ya Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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