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Wow! The end of the year has came so fast. This will be my  final blog post. Well, let’s get to it!

Hi, Mrs.Ripp. I’m now 20, and it is 2024. I didn’t realize how much being in you class would change me! I love reading now, and you have  taught me that learning can be fun! You just changed my life, but anyway. Middle School was a blast and High school went by so fast! I can’t believe I’m in collage already!

Right now in collage I’m  in collage at Belmont University, in Nashville, TN. I really love it here! I’m studding to be in the music industry. I’ve been through almost 14 years of school and only one teacher really stood out! YOU! I quiet gymnastics when I was a Sophomore in high school, and became a coach, but now I’m completely done with gymnastics.

Have you read any good book lately? Do you still love picture books? I know I do! We need to talk, I have so many questions for you. Oh, yeah! And how is Thea liking middle school!  I really miss fifth grade!



(P.S. the thought of leaving fifth grade makes me want to cry. I’ll miss you so much! We need to stay in touch!)


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Last Friday was innovation day. Innovation day is where you get to learn and create something about whatever you want to learn about. I think that it was a great day. In my opinion innovation day should be every day because you have learning freedom. I liked everything about day. My my favorite part was towards the end of the day. I like this part of the day because it was cool to start to see some financed product and all of the  scrambling to get you project done.

Overall innovation day was great and I wish everyday was innovation day.

Thanks of reading Bye!

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So recently we just watched Look up, and it was about how technology is taking over our world. If you have time you should watch the video, but anyway,it was a very bold video and says a lot in just 5 minutes.

I think that technology is good and bad, so let me say it’s good if it’s used in the right way. In my opinion what makes using technology good is that you have the access to connect with people all over the world, and you have that ability to instant message someone. But technology can be a bad thing to. If you take advantage of all of the instant message and text your friends instead of getting together with them. Also people use technology instead of going outside.

We can change this. You can make a difference. Try to look up every once in a while.

Thanks for reading, Isabel.

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The school year is coming to a end! That means I will have to live a whole summer with out book recommendations from Mrs.Ripp and rest of my class. That means I need a long list of books to get ready to read this summer! And you  most likely you all need book recommendations too! Okay so my challenge is that I need to get book recommendations from  you and I will give some to you.

Some book recommendations for you would be Divergent, The Bridge to Terabithia, The Mortal Instrument series, Pivot Point, Beholding Bee, Take Dark And Grim, Girl Stolen, Threatened, WonderStruck, Matched, Izzy’s place, Do You Know The Monkey Man, And the Lions Of Little Rock. Now it’s your turn what books should I read?

















































































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In my opinion a teacher is a person who teaches students new things. And enjoys doing what they do.  But some teachers are good and others, well not so much. So what makes a good teacher? A good teacher has many great quality’s. One of the most important quality’s of a good teacher is energy! When a teacher has energy it keeps students interested! Also do hands on actives, don’t just sit there and read out of a text books! It gets very boring!  

Thanks, for reading, Bye!