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Dear Mrs. Ripp,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              6-6-24

Thanks for teaching me in the 5th grade. I remember all the tech we used and that you got nominated for a Bammy twice and you won the second time. At the ceremony you sat in the front row so you knew you won ahead of time. You said all that in the E-mail you sent to everyone. Also I remember how you got me into reading and how I read a lot that year.

Now I am 21 years old and I have  a summer job at the Wisconsin Brewing Company that has grown into a multi-million dollar corporation.  I attend Harvard University.  I am studying to be a lawyer. My two brothers are 32 and 31 they are both married and have kids. I’m an uncle now. My dog Henerson is very old now he has gray hairs on his face and it looks weird.

I remember that you came back to West Middleton where you belong. When you got back the school was huge and Tumble Down Golf Course was all houses with kids walking to school. The playground was way back behind the property line when you left and it was all school where the big field for the mile was. I heard that you are teaching Augustine in 5th grade now. That is probably pretty cool.




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At our school we did this thing called innovation day . It is where you get 1 whole day to make what ever you want. I made a Rube Goldberg machine, that is like a big chain  reaction with random household objects to do a simple task. But when we presented to the class it failed. I think the whole day was an OK experience. I really don’t want to do it every day. But I think you should try it in your class. There were some pretty cool stuff that people made like a pool table and lacrosse stick. In the comments say what you would do.


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There is this You Tube video called  look up.  It is about the use of tech and how people should put the phones down and go outside. I really like it. You should totally watch it. I think tech is good but not to much there should a balance. tech is really good  like in classrooms it can be used for learning.  Also It can be used for social media which brings people together. But sometimes people get addicted to these and over them. That is what the video is trying to stop.

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Summer is coming and I need  books. Because in summer if you don’t read you become stupid. So I need you guys out in the world to give me recommendations for books. Do you think that it is a good idea. It can be any genre. But what I like the most is sci-fi and historical fiction. What is your favorite? I would really enjoy the recommendations. If you recommend books to me I might recommend back to you.



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A teachers’ basic job is to tell people what to do and yell at people if they aren’t doing it. But there are ways to do this good and bad. Good things teachers can do are respect kids and don’t treat them like 5 year olds. Other things are know their boundaries. Like, you can’t  keeps kids in for recess over and over again because those kids will get hyper and it will get worse. Also most good teachers do a lot of hands-on/interactive lessons so it is fun and kids want to learn. What do you think are good things in a teacher? A bad thing are when the class is lining up to go somewhere teachers wait for everybody to be perfectly silent and in a strait line which takes like 5 minutes wasting time for the next thing. What do you think some bad things in a teacher are?


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