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We have been learning about the Revolutionary war. Are you? Have you? Me and my group are studying slavery. My subtopic is The Slave Trade. Here are some facts I’ve gotten.

  • Between 1441 and 1880, slave traders made about 54000 voyages across the Atlantic.
  • They carried 10 to 12 million Africans to the colonies.
  • The triangle of slave trade was used for slaves and goods like sugar, iron, grain, rum, and cloth.
  • the triangle of trade lasted 400 years

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When I grow up I want to be a pro athlete in any sport.What do you want to be? Why? I want to be that because I like sports a lot. The preferable sport is snowboarding. Because it is my favorite sport. What is your favorite sport. I also like industrial design. My brother is doing that for a major. It sounds really cool and you get to make stuff.


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I think we should do less projects. Every month there are like 3 projects due. I think that is to many. What do you think? I also think we should do more of just learning stuff that you don’t need to use right after. Its good to know random things and its fun. Do you like things like that? In science we could do more experiments. Experiments are fun.


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I think 5th grade has made me more organized because it is very important right now. Also it has made me more responsible. Like I am a around a lot kind of troublemakers and I haven’t got in big trouble yet. I have got smarter too with another year of school. I’ve grown to handle more homework. I have got a lot better at presentations with all we are doing.  I am getting a lot better at reading faster and making deep reading discussions. I have learned a lot about history too. What has whatever grade you’re in done for you?


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I think there are yeses and noes to having school. We should have school because if all kids did homeschool they would be unsocial. That would lead to that generation not being cooperative in jobs and that wouldn’t be good. We shouldn’t have school because a lot of kids see to hate it and think its boring. There should be school because there are approximately 3.7 million  teachers in the United States. If there wasn’t school all those people wouldn’t have jobs. We should have school because if there wasn’t parents would be the teachers. Most parents act differently around there kids and vise versa. Over all school has more positives than negatives.

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