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9 Jun


Dear Mrs. Ripp,

             I finally found your new address since you moved to a new house a couple weeks after school ended when I was in your 5th grade class! I just thought about you when I saw Oscar and Eda on News 15 saving the day so I thought I’d write to you and see how your doing! I’m doing great! How about you?

             I’m 21 now and I’m a Senior at the U.W. Collage. I am studying to be a Marine Biologist with Mackenzie, actually! We are roomies and we live with one dog named Blu and one cat named Buttercup! Also I play on the U.W. soccer team as a center mid and we are going to nationals this week! My team and I are so excited! One of our great players busted here knee and can’t play for the rest of the season!

             What I won’t ever forget is your corny jokes, the amazing picture books! That reminds me, you know when we did our top ten picture books? I remember one that I loved! The Magical Sloth or something! The one where the girl gets a sloth for a pet and tries to teach it magic. I loved that one but I guess we didn’t remember that one! Also what I won’t forget is seeing you and your great smile everyday, also hearing your laugh makes me feel so special! You made everything boring super interesting and fun! Thank you for making my 5th grade experience amazing and you are my most favorite teacher ever!!!! Also I forgot to tell you that I ran into Thea the other day and she was caring groceries! Her hair has grown so long and she looks nothing like she did when I remembered her! Well it feels good to send you a letter and maybe we could hook up and have coffee sometime! Please write back soon and the only reason why I’m in this great collage is because of you! Please Remember that!

Sincerely your old student,

Ella D. 

~Sorry the paragraphs where messed up something was wrong with the computer. Also please comment where you are from!~

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30 May

Innovation Day was so fun!!! My partner was Mackenzie and we made a poster on Sea World Aquariums and a replica on an aquarium with sea creatures in it. It turned out so cool! What I liked about the day was that I got to create something that I have never learned before! I actually have never been to Sea World before so it felt like I actually was at Sea World! The reason why Mackenzie and I wanted to create a project on Sea World Aquariums and the living creatures, was because we thought it was going to be cool, we both love animals, and when Mackenzie and I get older we want to go to the same collage together and study to be Marine Biologist. What I would have changed if I could do it again is probably think if we could actually put water in the tank we brought because when we poured the water into the tank, the sand soaked up the water and made holes. I think every once and a while we should have Innovation Day but not everyday because we wouldn’t be learning the things the we will need for life and other things.

Please comment where you are from and if you have ever done Innovation Day before!

Sincerely, Ella

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20 May

We watched a video in our class called “Look Up” for blogging challenge #29. “Look Up” is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone. In my opinion, I’m not sure if technology is good or bad. Technology can be good in many ways like connecting with others that are farther away and we don’t see them often and everyday of our lives. Also we need technology to learn. We could just pick up a piece of paper everyday and learn that way but we wouldn’t have the people that changed the world with this technology. You miss life and you miss the point of the world if your eyes are glued to this technology 24/7. You miss chances that could have made lots of memories and life time experiences. This technology brings us together but not the way the world should bring us together. I use technology for eduction and sometimes to chat with my friends. I will sometimes, only sometimes stay in on my device for a little bit, but I love going outside to play. So get off of your device and realize what the world will do for you! Right now! 

Please comment where you are from and what you think about “Look Up”

Sincerely, Ella

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13 May

Blogging challenge #28 is about book recommendations and school is coming to an end and summer will start. That means when school ends we won’t get to book recommend! :( Some books that I would recommend that I really loved are:

  • Counting by 7s by: Holly Goldberg Sloan
  • Escape Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by: Chris Grabenstine 
  • Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by: Karen Foxlee
  • Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by: Kate Dicamillo
  • When You Reach Me by: Rebecca Stead
  • Three Times Lucky by: Sheila Turnage
  • The Lemonade War by: Jacqueline Davies
  • Mockingbird by: Kathryn Erskine
  • A Tale Dark & Grimm Series by: Adam Gidwitz

I loved these books because they suck you in and you want to keep reading to see whats next! There all different genres, action, adventure, mystery, fun, funny! These are all probably in my top ten favorite book picks! Please comment any book recommendations that you think are great books and that I should read! Also comment where you are from! Can’t wait to see what you recommend!

Sincerely, Ella

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7 May

Teachers have a very important job! They teach you things that you will need in life to be successful, but they also teach you how to go on with your life and make you to become better a person. They motive you and challenge you! So you should be thankful to have teachers to motivate and challenge you! What makes a teacher good is that they always have to have respect to the students, be kind, and challenge the students. Also let the students make it their classroom, like Mrs. Ripp my teacher does! What makes a bad teacher is scolding the students for unnecessary things! Also, making the student(s) feel unwelcome to the classroom. I think Mrs. Ripp does a great job of motivating and challenging us, creating us to be great people/citizens, respecting us, being kind, making us feel welcome to our class room, and not yelling at us. Usually when I’m at school sometimes I’m board! But this year it was super fun and nothing was boring (maybe sometimes), Mrs. Ripp made things fun and interesting!! Mrs. Ripp does her job really well and she is a great person!!

Please comment where you are from!

Sincerely, Ella