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15 Apr

I thought 5th grade was going to be hard and I would have soooo much homework, but actually not. I don’t have much homework and I usually finish most of my homework at school because it’s not hard! I didn’t know what to expect from the teacher but I heard great and fun things about my teacher, Mrs. Ripp, so I was super excited that I got to have Mrs. Ripp for my 5th grade teacher. 6th grade I’m a little nervous for because I don’t want to get lost in the halls or be late for class or get bad grades or not be able to open my lockers/forgetting the combination. But I think I’m going to do great but the only thing is, is that two other schools will be there to and I don’t want to lose my friends. I’m most looking forward to Innovation Day in 5th grade and in 6th grade I’m most looking forward to is art, ski club, F.C.U. (Family Consumer Science), World Language, and even though I said I’m worried about not be able to open my locker, I’m looking forward to have a locker. I’m also sad that I’m going to 6th grade because I don’t want to leave the best teacher in the world, Mrs. Ripp!!!!! 

Please comment where you are from and if you are in 5th or 6th and you are/were exited or nervous.

Sincerely, Ella

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9 Apr

Hey it’s Ella again!!!

Today I want to share a book with you that I have recently finished! It’s called “Three Times Lucky” by: Sheila Turnage. When I got the book I kinda didn’t have time to read it and I kinda gave up on it. Then when The Tangle of the Titles thing came up and I saw “Three Times Lucky” was one of the choices I thought nows my chance to read it! And I was very excited because it is now my favorite book! “Three Times Lucky” was honored for the Newbery Honor Medal in 2013. So “Three Times Lucky” is about sixth-grader Moses Lobeau believes she is three times lucky. Once when Mo’s Upstream Mother sent her down a river tied to a raft, twice when the Colonel rescued her from the river, three times when Miss Lana takes her in for her own. Even though Mo is happy with her life, she doesn’t stop looking for her Upstream Mother. When trouble has hit Tupelo Landing, everyone becomes a suspect. Including Colonel and Dale, Mo’s best friends. So Mo and Dale form their own agency, trailing the detective and deputy on the case, with a deadly hurricane approaching, Miss Lana’s disappearance, and a murderer on the loose. Mo is determined to save the family she loves.  It’s a book about murderer and mystery and it leaves everyone hanging to want to see what happens next. So to find out who the murderer is and if Mo ever finds her Upstream Mother, so read “Three Times Lucky” right now!!!! I will garentee you will love this book! So please read it! And if you loved “Three Times Lucky” read the second book, “The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing” I have not read it yet, but I can’t wait to read it! “Three Times Lucky” by: Sheila Turnage 


Please Comment where you are from, if you have ever read “Three Times Lucky” by: Sheila Turnage, and what you think about this post! Thank you!

Sincerely, Ella

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7 Apr

We have combined social studies and reading together to work on The Revolutionary War. I think it sounded a little boring at first but now it’s starting to get a little fun. Since our groups had to pick a subtopic under The Revolutionary War, I think it will be a little hard for my group because we picked The Boston Tea Party and there really isn’t much to it. I also think it was great that we got to do this project because it has lot to do in a time period not long ago. I don’t think theres anything to change. I think things are going really well, but the only problems there is that the use of time and the focus level isn’t that good with some people in my group. I am certainly learning very much things like about King George, The Boston Tea Party, Declaration of Independence. It’s been fun and I can’t wait to see whats next!

Please comment where you are from!

Sincerely, Ella 


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6 Apr

When I was little I have had many ideas of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I’m not sure what I will do but when I grow up I want to be on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, be a Veterinarian and foster animals, or I want to follow in my mom’s footsteps and be a professional snowboarder in the Olympics like my mom. The reason why I want to be on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is because I started soccer when I was 3 and I loved it from that point on. Alex Morgan is my idol and she is on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and I want to be the next Alex Morgan. If I would need a back up it would be being a Veterinarian and fostering animals because I’ve always loved animals and handling them. And another thing I would like to do when I grow up like I said be an professional snowboarder like my mom because thats what I love to do, besides soccer and I really think its cool! 

Please comment where you are from!:) 

Sincerely, Ella

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24 Mar

I can’t believe this is the last trimester of 5th grade! To me this school year went so fast, well maybe because we had a long term sub and all. This blogging challenge is about some things that  would be fun and I would like to do before the end of the school year. What I wish we did more was Prezis and stories that doesn’t involve research. What I wish we would start doing is like some sort of party like a read-in or extra recess. I project that I wish we could do was either anything you want or something that maybe has to do something with jobs. Another project that I wish we could do was like a Game of Life thing. Something I do not want to do in 5th grade is the gum testing in science. 

Please comment where you are from and if you have any ideas of projects that you think would be fun:)

Sincerely, Ella