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For this weeks blogging challenge we get to blog about whatever we want to. I thought i could blog about Pomeranian’s. Pomeranian’s are my favorite kind of dogs. I’m going to tell you about them. Pomeranian’s are easy to train and are very intelligent. Queen Victoria of England had several Pomeranian’s. Pomeranian’s can live till they are 22 years old! Pomeranian’s can come in all different colors. What is your favorite kind of dog? Do you have any dogs? Please comment where you live.


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How do you think 6th grade will be for me? I think 6th grade will be fun and cool. There are good things about 6th grade and also some bad things. For example a goo thing might be that you get your own locker. But some bad things could be that you you can get in trouble more often. I m really exited for family consumer science. My sister make a wooden car! She brought it home for my brothers birthday present. I’m also exited to take french. I have been wanting to learn french for a long time. And now i get to finally do it.  How do you think 6th grade will be for you? Please comment where you live!!!


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In social study’s we are focusing on the Revolutionary war. My group is Aunisa, Trayahna, Maria, and I. Our topic is The Declaration Of Independents. I like learning about George Washington. He was he first president of the United States of America. I also like learning about Thomas Jefferson. We are making mini presentations to present to the whole class on Monday. I like social study’s, It is one of my favorite subjects. Do you know anything about the Revolutionary War? Where do you live, too?


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When i grow up i want to go to AUP. The university of Paris, France. I would probably live in the dorms. I want to be a major in french. Where is a better place to learn french than where they speak french.  The only problem is that i would have to learn french before i went to Paris. Because they speak french at the university. I have always wanted to go to Paris, France. It has been my dream fora long time. What do you want to do when you grow up?



Where do you live???

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For this weeks blogging challenge, we have to blog about what we do and don’t want to do in the next trimester. I would love to do in least 5 more mystery skypes. I like mystery skypes a lot. I also am exited about our buddy plays. I am playing the part of Goldilocks. The play my group is doing is called, Goldilocks and the three bullfrogs. I am very good at memorizing lines. I also play the part of Goldilocks. I also would like to have more control over what are blogging challenges are about. I thought every Thursday we could vote and the idea with the most votes would be our blogging challenge homework. Please comment where you live!