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I though my new school would be hared than my old school. I was scared that my teacher would  be really mean and she/he would gave me a lot of home work. But I was wrong I have a awesome teacher that cares about everyone of us. I love the ways school is turns out for me. I have gotten higher in lots of stuff like reading, spelling and more. My new school dose a lot of stuff that my old school did not do. Here are some,This school dose a thing called “The third grade market, A bus race and a “kindness retreats.” This year was one of my best school years yet. My favorite thing this year has to be just seeing my friends every day. You can’t go wrong with friends.

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In S.S we are learning about the Revolutionary war. The way it works is that, we read out of a library book (that Mrs.Ripp picked out.) The book are about your topic that, has to do with the Revolutionary war. In my grope our main topic is about slavery.  We all picked a part around that area. Isabel pick Childhood. Jack picked a topic about the Slave trade. And I picked Daily life of a Slave. My favorite part is  learning about what the slaves did for a living. Before, Between and after Slavery. I do not like taking notes. There I just so much info. that I do not know what to pick.

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When I grow up I would like to a lot of things. One of main jobs I would like to have are: A baker. I want to be a baker (that bakes sweets) because, I love that there is so many was to make fun sweets. I would not like to be a baker that bakes bread that would be boring. (Sorry for the people that bake bread.) I would all  so like to be a teacher that teaches little kids. The reason I want to be a teacher is, the little kid are fun to teach. Last year at my old school I styed in side for recess. So I could read to the little kindergarten. Later in the year I go so used to it that I styed in all the time. And last but not list I would like to be a actress. I love watching moves with my family. And what is better that being in one. I would like to act in a kid move that has a lot of people that I know. Than not knowing any one. That is all I want to be when I grow up.

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I had a awesome time this year, I have met new friends and leaned a lot more. I wish we had more fun stuff to do. I am not saying that nothing in my class room is fun. I saying that there could be more to it. 1: I wish we had more reading time. I love to read and I fell like I could read more than the time I  have. 2: I wish we had a free choice in writing. Like if you wonted to write a picture book you can. Also if you wanted to write a Acton story you could. 3: I wish we had more Friday huddled.

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I changed schools this year. When I started school I hated reading. As I have said in other blog post, because I did. I have learned a lot in math like: how to add fractions. I writing I have made a lot of drafts in writing. I really in joyed them. In spelling I still need to work on it by on the bright side I have gotten  a lot better. My writing has gotten a lot better.

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