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life has been awesome for me! I never for got you. I will always remember the fun things that we did like innovation day Ciana and I tried to make a pool table but that didn’t work out so well. The winter tea, the egg drop an other fun challenge.  You inspired me to write books for kids for all ages. So far I have made 4 picture books, 2 chapter books and 1graphic novel. I all most for got I am a 6th grade teachers It is lots of fun. You where always there for me. Some times I would talk when you where talking, I have grown from that. I have to say the one thing I will not for get about in 5th grade has to be meeting new friends/ class mates. That whole stage about how am I going to sit by? But I found lots of friend that are still my friends to day! The school year for 5Ty grade went to far in my opinion. I always check out your kids blogs they are awesome.

Love your old student ,


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Innovation day was fun my partner and I tried to make a pool table but it tuned out to be a bed. How it all stared was that we had the whole day to work on our project. (Excepted for lunch and recess.) My partner and I started with making the structure that to a long time trying to hammer the nails in the bored. A hour later the table was done. At the end we couldn’t make the holes for the pool table so we took a lot of news papers and we put them in a bag for the pillows. We all ready put on the felt so we got some fabric form a friend and that was the blanket. Over all I had a good time. I would not like to have Innovation day every day for starters there was a lot of hammering and it drove people crazy. And we need to lean more than just how to put something together.

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After watching the video “Look up”  I still use the electronic  devices around me. Everyone used/are have them. To be honest the video got out of hand it was talking about the if you are on your phone the whole day then you miss stuff. ( I  get it.  When I am on my phone And my mom is talking I miss half of the stuff she is saying.) There are a lot of things you need a devices for like: Blogging. How could i do it. Asking people if the wanted to come over to work on a projet. If I where or tell the person there is a 50, 50 chance that they cant come etc. When you think that’s just the world we live in.

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I have read a lot of books this year.  Some of my favorite books where: The big friendly giant.  I like that book because to me the book is about friend ship and believing in yourself.  Another one is When you reach me. That is one of my favorite book so far. Its about a girl that gets notes for someone, and she is trying to find out who. And last but not least The hunger games. I am only on the 16th page but it is that good. I really like action book the most. What books do you recommend?

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I have one if the best teacher in this school. She is awesome she teaches us things that are boring and she makes them fun. Well when I think to myself  what do teachers do I think they teach us stuff. (Teach is in teacher so, You can see where I am going.) If I where to be a teacher when u go up I would make sure that my students are having fun and learning at the same time. I like going to school when I hade a good night of sleep because your teacher teachs you so much and when you are tired, you only get like 2/3 of what he/she are saying. I like it when we do stuff like challenges in the class. What do you think your teacher is the best at? What do teachers do In your opinion.