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Hello Mrs. Ripp and students. I am 20 now and it is 2024. It’s nice to be back and blogging. When I left I went to middle school and figured out how to work a locker. Then I went to high school and figured out how to manage a job and school at the same time, all the while public speaking. Then I went (still going) to college and figured out that pizza is not actually an everyday food. And candy at midnight gives you a hangover. Anyway, I’ll work in a school; I’m gonna be a Guidance Counselor. Not really what I wanted to be, but there’s always hope for me to be a teacher. I love that I still work with kids and do a lot of fun activities with them. I eat pretty healthy now that pizza isn’t an everyday food. I still eat candy though. I wonder how everyone else from our class is doing. I have to go and write my math paper. Thanks for an awesome 5th grade though, you really helped me out. I wrote and published a couple books. Life is good. Hows yours?

How is your life this year (2024)? Tell me all about it. This is my last blog most likely, though. To a great year!!



Rose :)




*Note – Its actually 2014 now. Don’t be confused.

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I feel a little weird going on to an electronic and then blogging about electronics are only a good thing sometimes. But seriously, our teacher showed us a video called look up and I was interesting because it talked about how you should go out and leave your phone on the table. I think electronics are good in moderation. In the video people where texting to the person next to them on the couch. But really that’s kind of unrealistic. I think that electronics are not something necessary for everything. Communicating and maybe some virtual games, but not everything else. If I could get any library book from my house or get and kindle book i would get a real book. I love the feel of a real book. I kind of hate how convenient kindle is.  Sorry if I’m totally out of it, I’m borrowing my moms phone on the ride back from my cousins birthday party which is 2 hours away and it’s half past 8 right now. Anyway, electronics also fry your brain or something, says my mom. I believe her. Electronics are kinda evil sometimes. How do you feel?? Tell me!



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The reason I titled my blog as I did is because I am going insane. I already did this week’s blogging challenge and have nothing to do. I’ve been reading comments on my blog, but I can’t for the life of me read the tiny print. Just can’t do it. As of right now, I’m zoomed in to 350% on the screen and have bumped up the font at 18pt. I can sorta read the print now.

Who has ever gone insane for no particular reason? I know I’m using the word ‘insane’ liberally and not for its “”"official”"” meaning. But you know what I mean. There isn’t a lot of stuff to write about today. My neighbor is distracting me again. OMG. I’m blanking now… You know I’m genuine because I could just shrink the font again when I’m done, but I want to be able to read my own blog, and I could just not type while I think, but I do not. You know my process because I tell you. I have to go write a book now. *Sigh* Its now a week later (the 29th) and I finished the NEW blogging challenge. Sigh. Have you ever felt insane??? Tell me. 



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Disclaimer: Innovation Day is inspired by Fed Ex Days and is a fun day my teacher heard about from her friend (Josh). This weeks blogging challenge is to talk about Innovation Day, and I wasn’t there! Me and my partner, Leona (one of my good friends), made a miniature version of a colonial house. We learned the layout of a colonial house and what they had and didn’t have. So I brought some materials, like fabric and stuffing and I made the outhouse shell, and I went to her house before and helped make the shingles on the roof. I had to go to Chicago for my great-grandma’s funeral. I was super sad about that and that I missed Innovation Day. You can go to Leona’s blog to read her telling of the day, her blog name is HipposrawesomebyLeona. It’ll be out by Sunday at least. Anyway, Innovation day, while being super fun and interesting should not happen every day, in my opinion. Innovation day requires a lot of planning and you need to find lots of materials. I think part of why Innovation Day is so special is because we only do it once. Its a new thing, and it’s “our chance.” And if we had Innovation Day everyday we would learn nothing. I think we got it pretty good now and we do other fun activities, speaking of which, Lock out is coming. I don’t know if lock out or lock in will be funner, but we’re only doing lock out this year. Which do you like better? We get to go bowling (I’m a bit worried there’ll be WAY to many people there), then we go swimming (is it for a long enough time that its worth getting dressed than wet than changing again?), and then we eat pizza, no wait–the swimming is last. The pizza is before. I think we go to pizza and a movie at Rocky’s, I think… (What movie will we watch????). Anyway, I am excited and worried about the end of the year. Are you students out there excited? Tell me how you feell in a comment. Have you ever done a variation of Innovation Day? Do you want to? If so, do you think it should be everyday? Reoccur throughout the year?? Tell me in a comment. Thanks so much for a great year of blogging, all those out there ever to come on this site on purpose.



Rose <3

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I hate electronics. I just wrote this amazing blog and the tab clicked out and the blog doesn’ save and it’s half past 8 and I have been in the car 4 hours today.  ………………… uhhhhhhhh………………  I hate that electronics are so helpful with some things. I don’t need kindle to read a book, and I personally like paperback books better, but kindle has all the books right there. And Electronics aren’t needed for writing. But they’re used anyway. In my conclusion, electronics should be used mainly for instantly reaching other people in virtual games. Electronics aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just way over used. What do you guys think? I’m going to get off this screen now because the car is dark and the screen is bright white. Tell me what you think, goodbye and good night.