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Thank you for posting your thoughts on the last blogging challenge and I will announce the winner of the competition of the coolest Idea for blogging at 3:00.  Lets get to the blog okay.  At first I thought that fifth grade was going to be a lot more bossier more harder projects more reminders about getting your homework done.  I never thought that there would be blogging or mystery Skype’s or talking to authors on twitter.  I thought that it was going to be like being more rushed for homework and projects.  I thought that the teacher would be a little more bossier and harder on you.  I think that sixth grade grade will be awesome and I’m excited for wood work class and I’m truly excited about joining a basketball team for the middle school.  I’m worried about getting lost in the school or forgetting where the classes are.  I was hopping for a boy teacher but Mrs. Ripp your a awesome teacher.

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Thank you commenting on my last post, I have posted the top three topics that I like and by Monday I will announce the winner so good luck.  I hate to say this but lets get to the blog!.  I feel good about this next project I’m up for challenges I think that it will be fun.  What should we change for the project ?.  I think that we should change one thing  for the project.  I think that we should change for researching for books to computers because we can get more information from your books.  I’m learning what is happening for the my part in the project. keep in touch with me on kid blog tell me your opinion on it and always leave where your from, and leave a link to your blog.

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Thank you leaving your thoughts in my last post but lets get to the blog.  Why do you want to know what we want to be when we are older ?.  Why did you make this a blog?.  Here is what I want to be when I am older 1 pro basketball player/ 2 a doctor.  I want to be a pro basketball player because its fun to play and learn different positions.  A doctor because my mom tells me I’m the doctor person in my family.  I would like to learn about how to deal with broken bones and how your bone gets healed.   Always tell me where your from, leave your tab to your blog.  Tell me your name on the blog and where your from.

till then:  sincerely Nathan L.



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viewers choice :

On my last post I picked my top three titles that I like 1 name Ivan  How it feels too be in a harder grade and tell me why that’s the one 2   name Gavin  I think you should blog about 3D printing. 3D printing is really cool and I think you would like it.  name Yaneissi  Why do you think about 5th Grade


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Hey People from  all around the world I have to ask you some thing what should the next blogging post be about that I should post.  It could be anything you want tell me and leave it on my blog 1 I will pick the top three one that I like !.  2 As always leave your link to your blog and tell where you are from.

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