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15 Apr

What I though about 5th grade is, at first just thinking of going into 5th grade freaked me out. I was actually sort of scared I didn’t know what to think of it. Once I got more into the year I loved fifth grade and my 5th grade teacher is the best. I think what I thought about my 5th grade teacher turned out exactly how I thought she would be because, I heard so many good things about Mrs.Ripp and that she is an awesome teacher. And everyone was right Mrs.Ripp is a really awesome teacher so I was happy about that when I got into 5th grade. I think 5th grade did not turn out what I thought it was going to be like in a good way. I thought everything would be hard and I would get confused often but it turned out good. I am now scared for 6th grade  it sound’s hard and a little confusing and you have to be in class in 3 minutes after you just finished one. Over all I feel like I am going to love the last 2 months of 5th grade. And like 6th grade, but you don’t love it unless you try it right.



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14 Apr

Here’s what I think about our subject for reading. I think that the Revoulitinary Was pretty interesting but to tell the truth this unit is alright. Why I think that the Revoulitinary War is an ok topic is because, sometimes I get bored. First of all my group that I am working with are Logan, Alli, Kevin and me Mackenzie I like my group I think that we get along really good.  Are topics are The Boston Massacre, British Army and American Army. Some cool thing’s that I learned are know mater how old you are as long as you can handle a musket you can join the army. I thought that, that was just a crazy fact I was amazed. So that is what I think about the Revoulitinary War unit. Thank you for reading this blog post.



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1 Apr

I think I may want to be a Marine  Biologist or a 4th grade teacher. The reason why I want to be a Marine Biologist is because, I love animals and I think sea animals are fascinating.  I want to learn more about animals and what they are like. It may sound weird that I want to be a Marine Biologist and a 4th grade teacher because they are different but I really like both of those careers. The reason why I want to be a 4th grad teacher is because, I love kids. I also noticed in my actions that I like to help people and show them how to do things. That’s also why I would really want to be a 4th grade teacher. Maybe I wont even be a forth grade teacher maybe I would be a 3rd grade teacher or even a 5th grade teacher. Those are both of the jobs that I would want to be because, I think that both of those are perfect jobs for me personaly. Thank you for reading my blog most I hope you enjoyed.



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17 Mar

5th grade changed me more then I think it would’ve. I have a couple things on what changed me in 5th grade. What changed me in 5th grade is working hard on project’s and having dead lines that helps me to make it the best project I can make it but also have a time limit. So I think that 5th grade changed me in having more independence. Another thing that changed me in 5th grade would be being pushed hard in class. That makes me have confidence in my self. I also think that 5th grade matured me just in life because now my mom and dad can trust me for being responsible for watching my brothers sometimes. My bothers arent always happy about that but I think I’m a good babysitter. Thank you for reading this blog post. I really hoped you enjoyed it!!!



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5 Mar

Is school worth my time? Yes and No because, sometimes we learn good things that are worth peoples time but sometimes the lesson’s we learn are boring. Why do I have to go to school besides that its the law? I think the conflict between me and school is that Im not a big fan, some things are fun some things aren’t but I also like school because I have a awesome teacher for 5th grade! Could I learn Differently?  I honestly think that if I could change a way of learning all I would do is have little breaks in the middle of learning or something to play math games because I honestly think if we did learning on computers it would not be all that fun! Do we even need school to learn? I think we don’t really need school to learn but 1 of the most likely opitans would be school on a computer and I don’t want to have to school on a computer. What Is the propose of school today? I think that the purpose of school today is more technology which I love the way our teacher Mrs.Ripp uses it to make it more fun and interactive but I do think schools purpose now is better learning and more technology.

Mrs.Ripp I answered all of your questions in my opinion and in honesty!

Thank You for reading this blog post!!!