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Hey guys it is Hotelsarefunnandstuff or otherwise known as Kevin blogging to you guys for the final time. Blogging has been a very fun time this year, and I hope I get more opportunities like this. It was always fun to get comments from all around the world, and seeing what you guys think about my posts. I also loved sharing my ideas with the world. So this is farewell to all, and I will miss blogging. BYE!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Mrs.Ripp,

Right now it is the year 2024, and I am blogging to you again! Thank you for the awesome time in fifth grade. Fifth grade was the best time ever. I still remember all of the fun things we did like Mystery Skypes, Blogging, Friday Challenges, and such more. You helped me grow as a learner, and a person. I also loved how you made reading more fun. I loved the first round of book clubs that we did.

Right now, I am 24, got a degree in culinary school, am a professional chef, and I run a restaurant called the “Cuisine Cooking Chamber.”  My life is awesome right now, and I hope yours is too. I heard that you published your 8th book now! I also hope that you come to my restaurant someday with your family, our food is great! In fact my restaurant has been voted as the 5th out of the 100 best restaurants out of America.

I also have 2 dogs, and a cat now, a French Bulldog named Splox, a Pug named Max, and a cat named Gaztzy.

Fifth grade had been a blast, and you are truly the best teacher ever. You were always there for us, and helped us. Thank you.

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Hey guys! It is Hotelsarefunandstuf or otherwise known as Kevin. Last Friday, (May 23, 2014) was Innovation Day. Innovation Day is a day where the WHOLE day, you get to create whatever you want, but at same time, you are learning about what you are creating. To me, Innovation day was AWESOME!! It was super fun. I wish that we would get to have more innovation days. It is fun also to see what other people are creating. It was a fun day to create. I am glad that this was part of our year. But one thing that I wish that would happen was that we would get more time to create. I finished my project, but I didn’t get to create as much as I wanted. Overall, It was a fun day!


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Hey guys it is Hotelsarefunandstuff or otherwise known as Kevin, and today, I am here to give my opinion on TECHNOLOGY. If you ask me, technology is a double edged sword. On one hand, it can help us connect to the world, like blogging, but on the other hand, it can isolate us from the real world, and can cause cyber bullying. Also, it really depends on how you use technology. If you have a helpful blog, or a forum, it can help you to connect to the world. But if you are on Twitter, or Facebook 9 hours a day, and post unnecessary stuff, you are always in the virtual world. Not the real world. 

So if you were going to ask me whether or not technology is good, I wouldn’t really know. You can either abuse, or use technology the right way.

Let me know what you think about technology in the comments. Thank you!!!

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Hey guys, it is Hotelsarefunabyndstuff or otherwise know as Kevin, and I am here to ask, WHAT BOOKS  DO YOU RECOMMEND? I have quite a few books to recommend too, such as:

“Bud not Buddy” by Christopher Paul Curtis

“The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate

“The Boy On The Wooden box” by Leon Leyson

“Prisoner B-3087″ by Alan Gratz

“The Watson’s go to Birmingham” by Christopher Paul Curtis

So, there are the books I recommend, if you want to recommend books to me, put your recommendation in the comment section. Bye!