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Hi guys! Kevin here. Recently we have started our new social studies project in our class about the Revolutionary War. Personally, I think that it is not the most exciting project that we ever done, but it is not the worst. Because we weren’t given instructions on how we are going to present this, and all we are doing is research. But on the other hand, the Revolutionary War is a very interesting time period in colonial America, and there are just so many things going on in the time period. Also I am learning a lot of stuff that I never knew about the war. I am interested to learn more and more about the Rev. War.

Tell me what are you doing in social studies? Is it fun? Is it boring? let me know!!!!!

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Hi Guys! You know how almost every friend, teacher, or parent asks, what do you want to be when you grow up? Well,when I was like 6 or 7 I would say ” I want to be a scientist, and be rich!”  That thought has changed, a lot. Number 1: I hate science now, back then I thought that science would be blowing up stuff in a jar, and number 2, I know that I would be a lot, and a lot of work to be rich, like multi-millionaire rich.

Now, if people ask me what do I want to be when I grow up, I say, ” A chef that owns a multi-cuisine cafe.”  This idea might sound crazy to you, but it is my dream.

Who knows? My dream can change as I grow older, but for now, owning a multi-cuisine cafe is what I want to be when I grow up.

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In school, we are in out last semester, and there is still plenty of stuff that we all want to do.  A thing that I want to still do is to make a presentation of whatever you want, that will be fun. Also, I want to still do the gum experiment that other classes are doing in 5th grade. I heard that the gum experiment is yummy, and fun! I also want to learn more  about the Holocaust. It would be a interesting topic to learn about. These are only a few of the things I want to do! My list can go on and on!

Thanks for reading, and please comment! bye!

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Hi guys! Our school is down to it’s final semester. I guess that it’s a good and a bad thing. But there’s a big question still to be awnsered, What has 5th grade done for me?

Well, in fifth grade I learned how to be more responsible, and mature. Being mature will help me in my future, and so is responsibility. I am very happy that I got better in these traits in 5th grade. I also have gotten WAY better in social studies. In the past, I have totally FAILED social studies! But now, in 5th grade, with all the projects, I am presenting better, and I am displaying my info better.

5th grade has been a awesome experience so far! And I am even more excited for 6th grade with all stuff I will learn!


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Hello Everyone! Have you ever woken up in the morning in a weekday and you are just so grumpy, and dreading school? I have a lot of times. I think that school should be changed.Personally I think that school is not worth my time, if school is continuing to work the way it is. An example of helping school be worth the time of students would be: making the school day shorter, making math time way shorter, and more free time. But, there is also online schools. I think that online schools are not the answer for the problem, like looking at a screen for the whole entire day. Sure, having school at home gives you a flexible schedule, but at the same time, you do not get to meet your friends, and that can be an issue.

On the other hand, school gives you time to be around your friends, and somewhat makes you smart, ( the hard way.) And prepares you for life. Note that this post is only MY opinion. If you have any other opinions, share it with me in the comments. Bye!