What Do Teachers Do?

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This weeks blogging challenge is what does teacher do? I think teachers teach kids. Teachers also help kids. I think a bad teacher is a teachers who does not let there kids have a choice. I’m basically saying that you should give students there own voice. Teachers should also give there kids some free time to get home work done. Never give to much homework to kids. Because sometimes other people in the class are goofing off so that you don’t get to get thru all of the stuff. What do think teachers do? Please comment where you live.



  1. Mrs R (Guest)

    You are so right on about giving students choices. Teachers love choices too!
  2. John Wick (Guest)
    Hello Morgan,

    You are talking about student centered education, something in which I firmly believe. I think it is essential that teachers teach their students the material we are required to teach you but doing it based upon your interests. There is this thing called “Project Based Learning” (PBL), and we are just getting started with it at my school. Its an exciting way to make sure that school is fun, engaging, and that you still learn what you need to learn.

    -John Wick
    Principal, Christ Cathedral Academy
    Diocese of Orange, Garden Grove, California.
  3. Mrs W. (Guest)
    Some teachers have kids do homework at school and have the homework be listening/watching the instruction. That’s called a ‘flipped classroom.’ What would you think of that?

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