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For this weeks blogging challenge we get to blog about whatever we want to. I thought i could blog about Pomeranian’s. Pomeranian’s are my favorite kind of dogs. I’m going to tell you about them. Pomeranian’s are easy to train and are very intelligent. Queen Victoria of England had several Pomeranian’s. Pomeranian’s can live till they are 22 years old! Pomeranian’s can come in all different colors. What is your favorite kind of dog? Do you have any dogs? Please comment where you live.



  1. Breauna (Nebraska) (Mrs. Manning's Class)
    I like the facts that you told me and I learned a lot about the dogs . I love dogs I have a dog it a beagle mixed with three other different dogs .
  2. Natalie (SpiceBurger)
    Hi Morgan! My name is Natalie my favorite dog is a yellow lab I have on and his name is major.I love dogs to they are my favorite animal. They are so cute.

    Love Natalie.
  3. Kayla (Ms. Plowman's Class)
    Wow I did not now most of that about Pomeranian’s thanks for all the information :)
  4. Madilyn (SpiceBurger)
    I use to have two dogs they were Doberman. they were so cute. I LOVE dogs they are so sweet and fun to play with. That was a very informational post. I learned lot reading the post. I think you did a very good.


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