What has school for me.

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I changed schools this year. When I started school I hated reading. As I have said in other blog post, because I did. I have learned a lot in math like: how to add fractions. I writing I have made a lot of drafts in writing. I really in joyed them. In spelling I still need to work on it by on the bright side I have gotten  a lot better. My writing has gotten a lot better.

Say where you are form.





  1. nate dog
    why did you hate reading?
  2. Jenna (Guest)
    I also hated reading a lot when I was younger. It was never enjoyable to me and it gave me head aces. But it got more enjoyable as I got older. The older you get the more you will have you read and the bigger the books get. I hope you start to enjoy reading a lot more because you will use it all the time throughout your life.

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