What I wish we could do more of.

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I had a awesome time this year, I have met new friends and leaned a lot more. I wish we had more fun stuff to do. I am not saying that nothing in my class room is fun. I saying that there could be more to it. 1: I wish we had more reading time. I love to read and I fell like I could read more than the time I  have. 2: I wish we had a free choice in writing. Like if you wonted to write a picture book you can. Also if you wanted to write a Acton story you could. 3: I wish we had more Friday huddled.


  1. Alyssa (5Vclassroom)
    I like your post! I like to read sometimes too, but sometimes I don’t want to read. What is your favorite part about your classroom? Why do you like to read so much? What is your favorite book? I like when my teacher gives us things my class things to write about. What is Friday huddled? Sorry about all the questions! You should look at http://kidblog.org/5Vclassroom/
    Keep blogging,
    Alyssa :)
  2. Andres (Tasia Pena's Class)
    I wish we could do more of recess cause in recess you have and isn’t there suppose to be like 40 minutes of it
    • Andres (Tasia Pena's Class)
      Fun sorry :o

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