Why do we go to school?

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I think we go to school because it helps you learn things that you need to know in life. For example: Let’s say you go to a store and you get eggs for $1.50. And you give the cashier only $1.05. You have a problom. That’s where math comes in. There is so many ways you can use Math.  Let’s say you are have allergies and you get meadison that you are allergit to. You can’t read so you would not know. That’s where Reading comes in. You need Histor because, you learn what happen befor you and you can learn from it. Even if you did not do it. This week I learned about world war 1 . I learned that there are people out there that will do any thing to get to the top. We need Science so we know what is out  there that can hert us if we do something To it that we should not do. I can go on and on of the things we do in school that we need. My favorite subget  has to be reading. I love that if the book that is  so good you get sucked in to it.



  1. Rochelle Wentz (Guest)
    Hi, Saffron!
    I am a 2nd grade teacher from Amarillo, TX. I am glad you value your education. Obviously, I think learning is very important, too, or I wouldn’t have become a teacher. I like the way you supported your thinking with specific examples. And I am glad you are starting to see the connections between what you are doing in the classroom and what you will do in the world. That’s what I want my students to see–that they are building toward the future in all that they are doing today.
    Rochelle Wentz
    p. s. My favorite subject in school was reading, too. A few books for kids your age that I LOVE are Because of Winn Dixie, The Watsons Go to Birmingham, and Ida B. and Her Plans To Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster and (Possibly Save the World. I got sucked in to all of them. They made me laugh, cry a little, and think a lot.
  2. Debbie (Guest)
    I love to read, too. I especially loved to read biographies. Those are books about someone’s life. I loved Dr. Seuss because he gave me a love of language that I would not have gotten from anywhere else.

    School teaches us about the world around us. Whether it’s math or science or geography, we learned something of value to us. Sometimes things spark our imaginations and our curiosity. Sometimes, like the example you give about being able to read the medicine bottle, an education is purely practical. No matter what it is, we are enriched by whatever we learn. And, to me, anything new that I learn is exciting. The chance to learn new things is what made school exciting to me.
  3. Nadine (5Vclassroom)
    Hi, That was a great blog post. What did you learn about in world war 1? I love your blog posts.

    You should bog a lot more often.

    Keep Blogging
  4. Yaneissi (Tasia Pena's Class)
    We Go to School to learn new things in school
  5. Connor (Guest)
    I believe that elementary school is required, but by that time you know everything that is just a repeat in the following years. I’m a senior in high school and believe I shouldn’t be in school cause I have learned so much by my parents and YouTube and the internet all combined it just gets easier from middle school up.
  6. Joe (Guest)
    I’m a senior in high school and I must say that most of what you said is spot on. Education is very valuable and should always be cherished and respected.
  7. Mackenzie (Guest)
    You have an amazing perspective on school, and you did a great job expressing how you feel. You’re an excellent writer! What is your favorite book?
  8. Trevor craft (Guest)
    School is very important. You may not think so at such a young age but when high school comes and goes you will all say, wow I’m glad I went to school and graduated with good grades.
  9. Corey (Guest)
    Wish I had your motivation for education. I’m in high school and I tend to skip a lot. Missing education I’ll never be able to replace. Keep your motivation.
  10. Cheyenne (Guest)
    Your attitude about school is great! I hope you keep it up throughout all of your education.
  11. Robbie (Guest)
    I actually hate to read. But, you have a great attitude about school, and that will get you far. If I had that kind of attitude I would be a lot further then it I’am today. Keep it up!

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