Don’t You Forget About Me

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Hello Mrs. Ripp and students. I am 20 now and it is 2024. It’s nice to be back and blogging. When I left I went to middle school and figured out how to work a locker. Then I went to high school and figured out how to manage a job and school at the same time, all the while public speaking. Then I went (still going) to college and figured out that pizza is not actually an everyday food. And candy at midnight gives you a hangover. Anyway, I’ll work in a school; I’m gonna be a Guidance Counselor. Not really what I wanted to be, but there’s always hope for me to be a teacher. I love that I still work with kids and do a lot of fun activities with them. I eat pretty healthy now that pizza isn’t an everyday food. I still eat candy though. I wonder how everyone else from our class is doing. I have to go and write my math paper. Thanks for an awesome 5th grade though, you really helped me out. I wrote and published a couple books. Life is good. Hows yours?

How is your life this year (2024)? Tell me all about it. This is my last blog most likely, though. To a great year!!



Rose :)




*Note – Its actually 2014 now. Don’t be confused.


  1. Mrs. Young (Guest)
    Hi Rose,
    I love how you went into the future for this post! I really enjoyed the discoveries that your older self shared: pizza is not an everyday food and candy gives you a hangover. I hope that you continue to share your writing with others and am happy to read that you want to work in a school one day.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
  2. Rose (For the Last time) 😘 (Guest)
    When I logged on today I didn’t know wether I would be able to blog. Seeing on the login screen I saw so many new student names, which made me sad but at the same time it was kinda a nice feeling. So many new kids get to have Mrs. Ripp as their teacher and we all get to move on to more great teachers. I guess I cut it a bit close and got here to late, but I wanted to say how it feels to be pretty much a sixth grader. Thanks for being my teacher Mrs. Ripp, thanks for reading my blog people reading this, thanks to my class for a great year. And to many more. Thanks for everything.

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