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So, I have a blog post due today, but first I must speak of language. And accents.

I always sign off using my knowledge of foreign words (well, not English anyway), and I have run out.  At this point I have so few I have to resort to using the word hello in other languages. Translated, this is what my sign off tends to be.

Thank you!




Hello/Goodbye (Aloha means both)



Rose :)


I need more ways to sign off. So please, please, please. please, tell me any and ALL of the ways to say goodbye that you know.

That does include stuff like “Peace,” “Good Day”… English/American variations count.

So, for lack of ways to sign out,

Rose :1

P. S. I know you can’t hear me saying them, but you could try telling me to say things out loud in accents. Like “Peace out!!” In an Australian accent. Wouldn’t that be funny…?!!

Now I have to blog about favorite words and technology and then probably some book reviews and some random ones. I’ll remember… BYE!


  1. MrsRipp
    How about 2 Danish ones -hej hej and farvel
  2. Syd (Guest)
    You could say “bye” like this: (Please excuse my terrible spelling)
    Bye amigo!
    Auf Wiedehsehn
    Peace out folks
    Buh bye
    What Mrs. Ripp said
    Au Revoir
  3. Steve Keegan (Guest)
    My class, and school, had an assembly as part of a multi-cultural day.

    My class profiled the east African country of Kenya. It was great to do since I have an aide in my room who was born and raised in Kenya.

    Their language is Kiswahili and English. To say goodbye in Kiswahili is Kwaheri.
    So feel free to use this for a futute blogpost.
  4. Layla C. (Guest)
    If you wanted to, you could say it in different languages like, adios, auf wiedehsehn, or just see ya! :) I think that this is such a cool blog post because it is cool that you might use one way that somebody said. If you wanted to I bet you could also just search up different ways of sayng good-bye

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