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Transitions can be tricky, I can’t figure out why it makes everyone suddenly have something to say. Maybe it’s because we’re doing something, moving, you know. You can’t talk unless you have something to talk about.

I think that our sub, Ms. Gould,  is starting to get really upset with us. She’s super nice, and I am infuriated that people in our class managed to make her mad. I think that in our class we have a problem where something pops into our heads and  our brain quickly goes, “interesting! Tell, tell!!!” but half the time it is just stupid stuff. What we can do is probably to just maybe wait. By this I mean we could, no- scratch that, um, we should do that thing were the teacher calls out one of the people talking by saying something along the lines of “so, what’s so interesting?!” and then lean in closish. Then just wait till the student awkwardly responds. I think that might help the kids who might not really realize That they shouldn’t be talking. Being publically embarrassed, even just a little, is awful. But so awful as so them not deserving it or having it be to mean. Just give kids a reason not to talk, their reward being not being embarrassed by h teacher ( in that particular place or time ;) )

Do you have any good suggestions for our class? Any comments would be great. I am going to set an unrealistic goal of how many comments I want to get and see what happens. I wildodo something if I get, say, 50 comments in the next 2 weeks.

Good luck, think about the things you might want me to do if I get 50 comments.




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  1. Rose
    And BTW- I am painfully aware of all typos, I tried very hard to fix them, but it is late and I couldn’t switch to a computer, which is so much more competent.
  2. Isaiah blog (Mrs B's Class)
  3. Karina (Eagles 17 @5thGradeConnect)
    cool and try getting 50 comments
  4. Sydney the Superstar
    I love your writing, You are very influencel and have a unique writing style. I totally agree with you about Ms. Gould and how she is so sweet but our class is causes some trouble. Who am I kidding, our class is insane! I also love how you said goodbye in Italian (Arrivederci) Japanese (Sayonara) and French.(Au Revoir) How ever according to my translation application (wow what a tongue-twister) ciao means hello in Italian but WHATEVER! I loved yr post…

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