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Thanks for posting your thoughts on last weeks blogging challenge.  This is or last blogging challenge of the year and there will be no more blogging for the class.  So lets get to the blogging challenge.


Hey Mrs Ripp,

This is Nathan from your fifth grade from 2014.  So far life is good, I’m living in Chicago ,Illinois.   I’m studying how to be a doctor and I play for the Chicago Bulls basket ball team.  I remember the time I first met you on the first day of school.  My personal favorite memory with you was when you brought Thea to school for the day to teach us.  I miss having you for my fifth grade.  You always gave me good book recommendation to read or to put on my list.  You where my most  favorite teacher ever.  My most favorite subject from you was the zombie constitution project.   So how are the kids? How are you.  Are you still teaching?  Do you still live in Oregon? do the kids still live with you?  How much times have you won the award for best teacher?  What grade do you teach now?  Did you move back to Denmark?

Always put where your from and the link to your kid blog.  this is my last blogging challenge so post as much as you can.

sincerely: Nathan



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  1. Mrs. Young (Guest)
    Wow, sounds like you had a wonderful year with Mrs. Ripp. She is one of my teacher friends, though I live far away in California!
    I wish you the best in the future, and your plans to be a doctor. You were so lucky to have Mrs. Ripp for your teacher, and it looks like she was equally lucky to have you and such a great class.
    Keep blogging and sharing your fabulous ideas with the world :)

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