Is technology good or bad for you . . .

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Thank you for posting your comments on # 28 I hate to say this but lets get to the blog.   Does technology bring us together, or does it not.  I do think that some times it can bring us together because me and my mom us Skype if my dad is at Florida for a day we would us it to talk to him if we were bored.  But some time it can isolate us if we go on to face book, Instagram, You tube.  Because we cant see the person and here the person speech and you dont know when they will respond. I use technology to go on to You tube and make a rubber band bracelet, but when I get my phone I will have a Face book.  I go out side almost every day to ride my bike with my friends in the other neighbor hood.  But if its rainy I will stay in side a play video games.  Or watch my favorite show.  Is technology good or bad ? I think that it is good some times its good if its rainy but it can be bad if its sunny out.  Always tell where your from and put a link to your blog .  tell me your thoughts on this.

sincerely: Nathan



  1. Gabby (Ms. Northington's Class 12-13)
    I agree Nathan!
  2. Mr. Hoffman 5th Grade Fremont, IA (Guest)
    Great blog. I think that you hit upon a very important point! Keeping a balance between doing online stuff and getting out to ride your bike and play with friends is an awesome way to stay focused!
  3. Mrs. Damm Minnesota (Guest)
    I agree that in some instances technology is good while it can be disruptive. However, I can’t imagine our lives without it. I think that technology has it’s place in our lives and in education. However, if the teacher does not use the technology right with the students, it can be mass chaos. I personally enjoy to text, Facebook, YouTube, Internet Search, etc.
  4. Robert Schuetz (Guest)
    Nathan, thank you for being courageous and sharing your perspective. I embrace technology because it allows learners to connect and learn from each other. We are now connected as learners. Isn’t that cool! Like you, I enjoy being outdoors and active, but even then, technology can enhance those experiences. You are so lucky to have a teacher that supports and shares these kinds of learning experiences. Way to Go! Have a great day!
  5. Velvet Holmes (Guest)
    I think technology is a very powerful tool that helps us connect with other people and with information! We can learn anywhere and anytime! I love it! I also know that you have to learn to balance technology in your life. You still need to be able to work with people and be social. Getting along with others is a very important life skill for all.
    So, I think technology is good for us, but we need to be responsible about using it wisely and when appropriate!
    :) Mrs. Holmes
  6. Ms. Dewi 9th Grade Indonesia (Guest)
    Quite agree. The answer does depend on how we use technology, considering the many ways people connect nowadays. Connecting both directly (Skype, riding bike with friends) and indirectly (Youtube, Instagram) is an excellent combination, when done appropriately. Great post, Nathan.

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