summer getting closer !!!!

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This is not a drill this is a special addition blog here.  I have posted the winner of the blogging challenge.  There is about six more weeks of school and it is over that is crazy.  And there will be no home work for three months and then there the harder grade.  This isn’t cool Mrs Ripp  is moving to Oregon. nnooo


  1. Maren (Felton's Fantastic Fives)
    Hello Nate,
    Summer is getting close for us too. We get out of school on May twenty-third, which is only fifteen days away! Then, we get almost four months of break because we don’t starts school until September second. I would hate it if our teacher moved away, then the grades below us would not be able to experience all of the fun things we do in Mrs. Felton’s class.
    Have a great summer!
    West Harrison Elementary School
    Mondamin, Iowa
  2. Dawn (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    dear nate ,

    i dont understand please give more detaile in you r post like why ,when,who else , and another why to tell why there is a nother personnhelping or doing when you write if you would like to see an exaple go to this link were there is many good blogs which is my blogs if you hae a comment to put on any of my post go ahead and put it down every body needs help or revising some time


  3. Dawn (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    dear nate,

    im sorry i forgot to give you the link right below this sentance is it
  4. Gracie (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Nate,

    Just to let you know that really didnt make sence to me becaue 1 you are talking about no homwork now you are saying that Mrs. Ripp is leaving just make it make sence. From: Gracie
  5. Courtney (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Nate, Summer is getting closer and i am Exited to i were getting out of school May 22 and i am going to do so much stuff.

    Sincerly, Courtney
  6. Mrs W. (Guest)
    Nate dog~

    What day is your last day of school? Ours is June 18th for kids and June 19th for teachers. We had a lot of Snow Days this year.
  7. amy alayo (Guest)
    i cant wait for summer to come beacuse we dont gatta worry about it
  8. wendy (Guest)
    i love summer

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