What I think teacher do at school

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Thank for posting you comments  I have posted the win for the blog post.   But I hate to say this but lets get to the blog.  I think that they teach us and go to eat and do meeting after school and then head home and grade home work.  I think that what makes a good teacher is to be nice to all of the students and learn there names and what they like the most.  What makes a bad teacher was when miss Gould was here was we said not to do yoga to the eight graders.  I think that teacher should be funny and awesome, teacher should never be mean and bossy.  The win of the blogging challenge is Gavin and for blogging about 3D prints.  Always tell were your from and leave links to your blog and don’t forget to put your name.  Can’t wait to here your comments.  I will miss you Miss Ripp when you go to Oregon and your blogging and your mystery Skype’s.


  1. William Chamberlain (Guest)
    Nate, why did you tell Miss Gould not to do yoga with the 8th grade students? I also don’t understand why that makes a bad teacher.

    I can tell from your writing that you are writing exactly what you think as you think it. I think it would make much more sense for the reader if you took what you wrote and organized it before you publish it. For example, you write about there being a winning blog post at the beginning but then put in your information about what teachers do. After that you go back to your the winning blog post. If you were talking like that to another person they would have no idea what you were trying to say because it would be so mixed up.

    It is very sad that Miss Ripp will be leaving your school, but it is also very exciting for her. Are you planning on giving her a going away party?

    Mr. C
  2. John Wick (Guest)
    Hello Nate,

    It sounds like you have a great school and a great teacher. At my school we have yoga, we are buying a 3D printer for next year, and we sometimes do mystery Skype! you are lucky to have these similar opportunities! One of the hardest things for me is to learn the names of all my students, but I do it anyway. You see, I am a principal so I don’t have 35 student names to learn I have over 300! Plus I have their parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Its difficult, and I slip up from time to time but I work very hard to get to know each and every one of my students. I think you are absolutely correct.

    -John Wick
    Principal, Christ Cathedral Academy
    Diocese of Orange, Garden Grove California
  3. Gracie (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    Dear Nate,

    I think the same thing because to get to know teachers they have to be nice but in your story you got off the topic and didnt stay on one so you did a grat job but you neesd to start staying on topic.
    From: Gracie

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